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One Crazy Night

The night started with me and a few friends getting drunk.

The night started with me and a few friends getting drunk. By around 1:30am I was nice and drunk, one of my friends wanted to go get some cigarettes and I thought sure, I had to go home anyways. Then when we were at our local 7-11 trying to get a boot for smokes. My friend pops up out of no where and says he has a half ounce of mushrooms spores and half ounce of weed. He was right fucked on cocaine at the time to. We went to the back of 7-11 and smoked a doobie, and as we were smoking it he said here put out your hand. So I did and he put a huge handful in my hand of mushrooms, I ate them, and then asked if I could have another handful, so he gave me another. I ate that handful and he gave me two more handfuls. So I ate about 2 eighths, I realized the time and said shit, I gotta go home. So my neighbor and I walked home, and I rolled a joint smoked it before I went inside.

I walked up and talked to my mom, and she said you stink of weed and liqour get to bed. I went in my room and looked in the mirror saw that my pupils were getting huge. I just smiled, and put on an episode of Married With Children that I had on tape. I layed down in my bed and started to watch it. One second the show was going fine, the next second the tv started to skip, and I was moving in and out of reality and was actually only getting to see a minute of the show here and there. Then I finally turned off the television and layed down in the dark tripping out. I dont know what happened next, but all I remember is flailing around, thinking all sorts of crazy shit. For some reason I would jump up trying to turn on my tv with the remote, but it would not turn on. So I started eating the remote. Then I layed back down, all fucked up not knowing what the fuck was going on. I sat up again, and it was the guy from Jumanji on my tv, the guy with the big barrel shot gun, he looked at me and moved out of the tv, and then I fell back down on my bed. Then I kept thinking of certain moments throughout the night, and started thinking maybe I was dead, at this point I had no control what so ever at what I was thinking. Finally I was convinced I was dead, but I need to be sure.

I got up from my bed and walked to my door in a trance. I went to go open the door, but backed away terrified, then I finally opened the door and it was my hallway upstairs at night. I thought to myself, is this my afterlife? It couldnt be. I wandered around the house, trying to find some reason as to why I was dead, but I couldnt. I was basically sleep walking and was super fucked up. I went downstairs and decided the lay down there, then thought to myself, if I hear my mom sleeping then for sure I aint dead. I walk up stairs go in her room hear her breathe jump back. Then I went back in and thought, maybe if I yell and she wakes up then I am fine. So I yell "MOM!!" and she gets up gives me a little, just go to bed your hung over, pke it off. But she looked really fucked up, and the finally I told her what was going on and she put me in bed with a warm clothe on my head and I was fucked up for a few hours more, but what a night...

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