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one big sick joke(i thought)

me and my freinds had all been planing our trip for the weekend all week long this time 8 of us best freinds were going out to my freinds grandpas farm for a night that changed my life forever.

me and my freinds had all been planing our trip for the weekend all week long this time 8 of us best freinds were going out to my freinds grandpas farm for a night that changed my life forever.i as we were on the way to his farm we all started munchin down. I ate 4.5 grams and it was the most i ever ate but theese were also the most infected mushies i ever ate. it was me my girlfreind my freinds john and tara and 3 of my other best guy freinds that have been my freinds for a long time. we arived at the farm it was absolutly beutyful outthe sky was blue and the gras was green. we couldnt have picked a better night. i wasnt trippin yet it was only about 20 minutes to get there. i actually joked and said wtf theese boomers suck. little did i know what i was getting myself into. i wanted to kick in my trip so i smoked a hefty amount of bud in the car. as i finished up the car started jumping forward and backward and i was like here we go. i walk out of the car and look into the empty corfeild with no corn in it and stare at the sunset coming directly at me. i see my freind tara walking through the feild like the girl from the ring this was the most fd up shes ever been i think than weve all been. i quickly looked away becasue it was scaring the shit out of me. i then walked around enjoying evereyting in nature like i would normally do while trippin. my freind said wana smoke again im like whatever. he had ipod speakers playing frank zappa and he pranced trhought the green pasture into the sunlgith and i yell ive never been this happy in my life and i was serious. we sitt at the top of the medow looking out on the corn feild and other green medows with grass blowing which apeared to be an ocean of grass. i couldnt really cordinate my fingers well enough to pack my pipe and i kinda just stared off into space. my freind ryan(snoop dog from half baked) was like man ill do it. im like fine. now we were listening to when im 64 by the beatles. i was still loving life. but its all about to change. so im on the medow with ryan me my girlfreind and tara (john and tara are a couple and were at johns farm keep note). tara all of the sudden starts hitting on ryan hardcore. im like no way just dont pay attention she starts waving the pipe in his face seducing him like wana smoke this ryan and she scoots closer to him im like ok. there fuckin with me i cant beilive it. somtimes i like when people mess with my head but this was too much. and it all seemed like a perfect act that they had been planing all week. tara then reaches and grabs ryans balls im like omg. and thats when i started panicking and freaking out beacase i couldnt beilive what was happening. and then i saw a fire way out in the feild im like no way. luckily i realized it was cars after like a minute of investigating. about a minute after she grabbed my freinds nuts(which really did happen beacause everyone on the medow saw it too) her boyfreind starts running through the feild and now within you without you by the beatles is playing and everyting is like an old silent movie with just music and goofy things happening. he runs up and kisses her like it was all a joke and i was like he has no idea whats going on over here. and then 2 seconds go by and he runs away. and then farther out by the car i see my freind ryan walking with all his limbs straight around the car back and forth. and this is when i was sure they were fucking with me. im like guys stop seriously its not funny any more. and this is when there like were not doing anything we promise. and i was 100 percent sure they were. then i was pissed at all them. and thats when it happend i was so streesed out by everything that was going on around me i couldnt handle it. therye like scott come back to the fire. and they kept saying it over and over. im like i got it. if i go back to the fire the joke is over so then i was soo happy that i found out the joke. i go to the fire and the joke wasnt over i was in a cartoon everything around me was fd up and people were messin with me so i thought.i walk away screeming its not over yet what the hell. my freind ryan comes running after me and i could no longer talk. he's asking me are you cool man. u gonna be alright ight ight ight ight. just echoing in my head everything he said. im like no dude i think im dying im sweating like crazy and my heart is racing. i said i might need to go to the hostpital hes like no dude ur cool. i walked away and at this point it was dark and i all the sudden couldnt see and i was sucked out of the front of my body into a swiling wieghtleseness swirl of colors. and at this point i thought i died and i let go of all reality and i guess i just stood in one spot cross eyed. but i was out of my body for quite some time in a swirl of color and nothingness. i no longer exsisted my body was gone all that was left to me was my thoughts. i thought about my mom my faimly my girlfreind my life flashed before my eyes i was in another reality. which since that night i beilive in other realities besides the one we live in now and that i will be going somwhere when i die. i hope its not where i went that night into space and nothingness. but i know there is other realities out there. and when i came back it happend one other time during the night i walked straight into the sky out of my body and when i climbed up a huge grassy knoll this time not as long but still being able to know that i wasnt dying and i would come back i 100 percent enjoyed the feeling of being out of my body. this same night my freinds figured out all the secrets of teh universe and the goverment and we all had one crazy night. and everything about ryan and tara did happen and everyone else witnessed it too they just werent affected to the point of not being able to control the strees it put on the body so no one else had an out of body evperience. and till this day i still beilive they were f ing with my head but i know they werent. gotta love the mush!!

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