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LEVEL 2 reaching into 3.Im an Aussie tripper... i used to
live in europe and have taken shrooms about 20 times.
On hearing from some of the local guys that shrooms
were growing at the local skatepark I went and had a
look and found 4 x 3cm "golden tops" with the obvious
blue bruising. i would have picked more but the locals
had been down there all day jsut having a munch and
there werent many left..i cut these up the next day and
washed them down with water. whe i take larger doses
im usually pretty into it by the plus 45 minute mark but
with these i jsut felt odd and all kind of dozy for the 1st
hour, felt very stoned sorta... i had ingested them at
about 2.30 pm on a mostly empty stomach and i felt
that i was wel into it by about 4.30. i was lying on my
bed looking out the window at the sunshine spliting
through the leaves and branches of a tree and when i
looked at the wall i had a definite aftervision but it was
made up of a kind of star that was splitting outwards
with lines shooting up that were made from intensely
fluoro colors.. the simpsons was pretty crazy at 7pm as
i was still seeing kaleidoscope atterns moving around
on the colorfields that made up the animation. my
family had mostly returned home by about 4 or 5 pm
and upon checking my pupils they were fucking huge.
and i was walking around my house spacing out ,
sometimes just not even looking at anything, my family
didnt even have a clue. i was still able to manage a
conversation fine which i think was helped by not
having anyone else tripping w/ me that would make me
crack up... so yeah. my first taste of "wild australian
mushrooms". and yeah. im keeping my eyes out for
those little critters... i think i might spend some more
time down at the skatepark, and skating isnt that hard
on shrooms either. anyway.. it was a lot more fun than
ive said. so go try it for yourself... just know what youre
doing, and respect where you could be taken by the
mushroom trip.

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