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One Bad Trip

It was Sunday.

It was Sunday... early in the day, about 2:00. A freind and I went out in the feild and got about an ounce and a half. We took them downtown to a freinds house...

once we got there we cooked the shrooms and made Shurm Kool Aid. We each filled our glasses full and guzzled up.

About an hour later, at about 4:30 I began feelling the effect. I walked down to my brothers house and layed on the couch... The trip began to go sour...

As I was alone in the house and started thinking bad thoughts... I tried to stop and think happy thoughts but I kept going back to the bad things... I couldnt keep myself happy... I began hearing voices, some were screaming for "help!", some were telling me that they were gunna kill, Some were telling me that "It would be ok", But the one I heard the most was the voice urging me to kill myself... The voice began to scream violently "DO IT! DO IT NOW!!! IT WOULD BE BETTER FOR EVERYONE!" The voice scared me and as it continued, I saw the image of the voice that was talking to me... It was a very mutilated person... Almost Zombie like... I almost wanted to run away, but I couldnt move.. It was almost like the figure was on my side... Trying to help me, as if killing myself would help in the long run...

The cops called my phone asking questions about something that happend earlier, that really had nothing to do with me... I was obviously unsober and the cop noticed that... She got aggervated with me, because I couldnt give her the advice she needed... I was just talkin in circles... I was paranoid that the cops were gunna come to my house While I was tripping..

I walked back down to my freinds house and he reasured me that it had nothing to do with me and that the cops were not coming... After all, they didnt even know where I was.

After that I began feeling good and I enjoyed my trip...

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