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on the subject of shrooms and maois

From the moment I ate 2.

From the moment I ate 2.3 grams of shrooms along with 4 grams of rue-seed(harmaline, maois) over a period of one hour, (Rue 20-30 min prior, eaten slowely to prevent any nausia/vomiting),I have been able to, from then on, and any time, trip very hard (too hard) off of .2 grams of shrooms, or one 1/4 to one hit of acid, only because I know the destination, and the language "it" uses (The dna communication theory, dna acting directly on cognition, (It's proven)). This is because I have taken lots of good, high dose acid as well as shrooms, which is not the best idea, unless you feel that you know the right protocal to help "it" reveal it's self. Additionaly, that is, if you don't mind the destruction of the sociological programing and self that you might call home.
Im a at this point a sort of logical, bionumeric-time-dialator/calculator, and an neuro-enzymic navigator of hallucinogens. I will never be normal again, so freakish that is is hard for people to listen to the big words i spew out of my ass after one beer. People often tell me I should write a book,(in a complimentory way), that is if they are not being totaly turned off by my inspired capasity to speak about things that most trippy folks have not heard of or thought about, and can raise some people's, (The right people's)blood pressure. I will never take hallucinogen again, becuase of such stunning qualities I have found in myself(beyond self), after the 30 week experience caused by this super-dupper intense mix..
When I eat a cheeseburger I feel the effects, not to mention antibiotics, which mess with everything from the enzymes in my gut, to the synapses and seritonin that are the foundations of a trip; The maois also contribute to the extreem longevity of the two lesser trips that followed> Again, even the cheese burger or really anything else with such volumes of grease and proteins contained in the meat, has a descernable kick to it. Along with everything else, cordio-workouts, sex, all different foods, music, emotions, and yes, even releaving my self into the shitter.
Maois are the key I beleive. I had my experience in silence, alone, and in the dark, trumpets blarring, , with the occasional blood pressure induced defence mechanism of having to walk around outside for hours on end for 2 days.
Its the longest and hardest trip imaginable besides ayahuasca, if you can even glimpse the archetypal knowledge you should be looking for, even if you dont know how to get there yet. If you don't have a purpose, then don't even try to talk to this thing that is----> maois mixed either with shrooms, or other related visionary substances such a dmt. Maois are not for younger folks, infact, it's damn near dangerous.
So if you like to shroom for fun then don't even mess with this mix.
Yet if you think your going to arrive at this place and are shure of the beginnings of it's depths, if not only hinted at in previouse experiments,(mushromm depths, and the unforseen beyond), then I recommend it, but it's greatest teachings are not often fun, and for myself it might just last forever. A personality to my visual /audio/lingual palet.
That which is not mine will always live on and through me. And it's indeed scary sometimes because for weeks I could always see the "best" of it, the comedown of the hardest trip imaginable.

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