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"cant think of a title theres a mantra i say om ah hum eyes closed (with dank weed and no light) and one time.

"cant think of a title theres a mantra i say om ah hum eyes closed (with dank weed and no light) and one time.. well try it om is white ah is red hum is blue! u can see it! anyway if i was high this would make less sense and be truer(?) i took 3.5 grams (she says) i didnt know if i should take them not scared of effects just ....... could i die? im afraid of death and it COULD happen but soon i know they r good shrooms. no fear after this lay in bed noshus for an hour happens with mush im going home (chocolates didnt make me sick but were 1.5 g. this is for work not recreation i do it like its holy but wtf all the shit before and after is gone. no worries how could there be in That. even holy and work is gone gone gone gone beyond gone beyond beyond. i went There without "outside " help" neti neti for samadhi google these. i felt like the same when i did it with meditation (put every word in quotation marks im lazy oh). read ram dass when high. im not gonna try here. that blanket was sooooo inside im the blanket im the bed im out and out and in its all in its all out the middle of yin/yang! those religious stuffs really are. get up and "whoa almost fall over or felt like . when alice eats the mushroom and grows tall and short man i look down and is what im seeing 1000 miles or .1 millitrons am i tall or short like is this all it (when this happens i decide both and can keep moving. maybe it was neither)." no matter what happens to space i take forever! to go to the batheroom the walls are like ) ( this coming in and the ceiling is up and floor is back (in the middle, like left wall bends in, or out, or whatever, both.) shimmering red and other colors dont pay much attention its difficult on shrooms to remember to keep non attatched to the senses, well more easy but. i dont know. i cant remember if there was a witness im not talking about a witness in court. impretty sure i still had ego fuck em
at least for now the bathroom is smooth peeing is sit down whoa now what relax whoa! im out i want to go swimming back to bed i close my eyes. fetal position but then i lose my body no more gravity no more blanket no more clothes its all the same no separation so nothing to feel nobody to feel it i guess ud call that egoless but i was still aware of ME it DOES feel water like calm little waves on the top of the water but like the waves are underneath water too so like waves everywhere even underwater which doesnt happen usually or whatever. ummm maybe before that or at the same time its love LOVE wow i remember a quote that i remembered right then "thats the sea of love" ram dass so i guess i was still thinking does that make it beyond i mean thats not Formless (the Void) but i donno the definite definition anyway it was love and pure love. i tried sitting cross legged(before the ocean part) but too high laid and said love love over and over again singing bhajan i made it up that was for God. turned out u can see how dont worry be calm chill place makes for chill experience i can hang out all life long with nothing for the sense, no fear of loosing myself im trying to! my self for The Self. paradoxes make it beyond think all day long get up eat shit walk shower food work sleep rest pretty colors morphing perception fucked can you go beyond even the "good" parts likethat shit about alice i mean so high that theres nobody there to enjoy it? tall price but thats how. would u want that of course not cuz theres no u to want it. these guys Jesus committed suicide gave it all up thats Real Compassion not my but Thy but did he give it up no he stayed if he could have would? thats too high how high lol movies and stuff ok wanna learn about the ppl who made the movie thats hardway if u go inside ull know everything a circle u can go either way same place movies are funny though true
i dont wanna lie but im tired and wow internet i mean i can write whatever and boom so whatever i wrote there it is find Guru Rimpoche take whatever dose u need ull KNOW It when u see it. there might be periods that should be somewhere words just run together esp on shrooms bzzzz Rimpoche wont lie if u wanna hold on (to any thing) he'll poke u in the ribs ull drown in it this is matrix red pill blue pill thats where Bad Trips IMHO theres only two levels 1-4 and 5 if u climb halfway up the mountain wtf the very top is the difference thats it. thats just what i say just word. word! "if any man opens i will sup with him" you have to wAnt to LET It BE, He doesnt barge in he knocks u let Him in :) cept with lots of shrooms its not really ur choice haha be careful comes down to do u wanna know. nothing here but ur m.i.n. make sure to hydrate i got tons of toxins (maybe just sweat but my theory is u sweat if u have toxins they come out with the sweat and well my head hurt alot all day ( at night) fear of death time is infinite i dont worry
its all happened before!!! PLUS I CANT DIE cus im uh u know

FUKING? AWESOME! why does it exist? omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg :D love

ps i dont wanna do this if its bs ignore prob all lies sorry i dont know. its been said nothing new. jaoit allstartedwhenismokedweedandreadbeherenow! what else? love, silent Dragon
(reptiles! hahahaha) (why so many similar reports)
goggoadkbnz love u THIS loud i feel like ur God forgive me this rediculous ___ ahem. what a pos bed"(!)

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