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of pigs and dragons

it all began one happy april mournig as the dew was gathering on the ground and my friend who here will be known as doug called me and said hey lets get some shrooms i agreed and so to the pasture we went when we got there we found 60 5inch caps and gathered them in a bag and left to another friends house who will be known as ronnie.

it all began one happy april mournig as the dew was gathering on the ground and my friend who here will be known as doug called me and said hey lets get some shrooms
i agreed and so to the pasture we went

when we got there we found 60 5inch caps and gathered them in a bag and left to another friends house who will be known as ronnie.

as we arrived ronnie suggested that we call over three other friends named mike jim and paul and so they arrived

while doug brewed the tee we each decided that we would each drink 2 64 ounze cups when he finished each of us chugged our cups without stopping for air and then we chugged the second (big mistake)

we sat for about ten minutes and it began to get hot so me and mike decide to go to another firends house to get his enigma cd perfect for trippin and along the way it began

we were walking when i noticed the most peculiar thing a light pole. it was way to three dimensional to be real so mw and mike proceeded to touch it just to make sure it was
and it was real (yet to this day i differ slightly on that truth)and so we proceeded to our friends house were we retrieved the cd and began our journey back to the house were from we started

on lthe way i felt the subversive need to run and so i did and i ran and i ran until mike was finally catching up to me as we reached the highway where i began to walk or so i thought
i asked mike if i was moving fast (at that moment while walking) and he said that he was still running so was i running or walking

during that conversation we some how made it across the highway and back to ronnie's back door where i knocked

after about an hour for the knocked to be heard and for ronnie to come to the door it opened and behind it was ronnie's fist coming straight for my face but before it hit and me diciding what to do it stopped and he laughed and let us into oblivion

i went into the living room where i was handed a pipe of weed and sat in the nearest chair to my descretion i found the a cooking pot and looked at the pipe then at the pot placed it on my head and began to go beep beep in an excessivly loud manner or so jim told me so before i angered him put it dowm and passed the pipe

then paul came and stood in front of me in an evil manner abnd i recommended that he pull up a seat and so he went into the next room picked up a loveseat and came and placed it neatly infront of me and sat and there me jim doug and paul starred at one another for about a year like statues in the winter wind is how doug described it

it was then that it came like a hot knife over unexpecting butter KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK

the knocks were short and hard the familiar call of the pigs and all of us except ronnie began moving for the back door

ronnie looked out the peephole turned around and said the words that give me shivers as i write them now "dude its the cops" and of course we disagreed but then he opened the door and said "yes sir" so then doug said one thing


and out the back door we went

as i got to the high way i began to think maybe that it wasnt really the cops so i went back to check and that is where i saw them there in there pinkish blue uniforms and realized that is why they call them pigs then i turned around and began runningback towards the highway where the traffic was heavy but i did not stop even when as i crossed it looked down and saw my feet molding into the road as i ran and i made it across the highway and into a construction site

the bulldozers appeared to me as wise yellow dragons and so i asked them were the best place to hide was and using their telepathic abbilities sent me in the direction of the woods where i encounterd vines that wanted my blood for evil distortations of me

it was then that i reached a fence and after climbing over it i discovered that i was in an old cemetary in the middle of the woods deciding that this was not the best course of action i found the gate that led to a street where i leaped out to my freedom for about two minutes

i turned to look down the road to my left and i saw amazing blue and red entities calling to me to surrender my soul so that i may not become a slave to natural instict and so i walked to them

that is when i rembered that about three years ago the police came to ronnies house and where after me but before i could run they had put handcuffs on me and thrown me into their car which played eighties pop songs and made me realize how i was in love with all the people who walked down the hall at my highschool

then one of the pigs came and pulled me out of the car and began asking me questions like what i was doing and so i told himi didnt know which was an honest answer and asked me then what had happened to my shoe which until then i hadnt noticed was missing

he broght me stand by paul and doug who had also been taken by the pigs and where being asked questions that i could tell they couldn't understand and i slightly remember doug talking about fishing with one of the cops

the pig that had handcuffed me then asked me my name and i answered "God" which i he gave a look on his face that was of the complexity to make as a cassaarol which is kind of what it looked like and he took me to look for my shoe and to the dragons lair we went but it was not there and to the graveyard we went but it was not there and as i was talking to the cop i had to ask him twice if he could hear me because for some reason he could not reply and iwas afraid that maybe he was going deaf

we went back to the gas station that we had been caught at and he placed me in the police car after i told them my name and adress and phone number

the ride to the policet station was frightening becaue the cop kept asking me about baseball and when i would answer him he just kept asking

we made it to the police station which to me looked familiar and i told the cop that id been here before which i hadnt but still it seemed relevant to the mood

i was led to the waiting area in the front where they took of my handcuffs and told me to sit and if i leave charges would be pressed and then i remembered paul being put into the policie car and i began hearing him scream and machine guns going off and i went to the bathroom and came back never using it

i then found a poster that was of and elepahnt stepping on a fire engine (it was really the one of two kids crank calling 911

i sat and listened as i looked at my arms which turned into wings and realizing that i could alter my molecular structure i leaped into the ceiling which i became one with and then coexisted on the other side where my feet became springs and i lepaed across the town and then the door opened

my mother stood looking at me smiling and i told her she looked different and the pig came and told my mother that i was drunk as a skunk and that she needed to take me home

and again i was in a car that became a truck that became a fish and at home i sat listening to myself tell my self that i was dreaming and on television i saw the apollo and asked my mom if the black people had taken over the world and she told me to go to bed...

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