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obsidian council

Please accept this polymentor experience of my 40th B-day.

Please accept this polymentor experience of my 40th B-day.

The experience was planned well in advance and 10g of Psilocybe cubensis was obtained(amazonian strain) and I harvested 4' of T.panchanoi and 6 large L.williamsii.
The cacti were blended raw to 2l of liquid slurry and this was consumed over a 1hr period.I then retired to my hammock as the effects were becoming apparent.

Previous experience with the cacti had shown that aproximatly 2.5 hrs into the experience all nausea would have passed and this is when I ingested the ground mushrooms as tea.

The effects of this on top of the high dosage of cactus catapulted me completly away from my reality.I found myself seated at a large obsidianlike table across from and surrounded by alien beings of various descriptions,but seated directly across from me was a being who resembled a large praying mantis.This creature spoke directly to my mind and stated that they had been waiting for me and what had taken me so long to arrive?The mental tone was condescending and somewhat hostile

I replied to him that if they'd been waiting for me they must need me more than I actually needed them.This seemed to agitate the group around me and the next thing I new I was back in my body and my spouse said I had been catatonic/incoherent for aproximatly 30 minutes.

The experience dropped back to a level 3-4 filled with synesthetic sensations and breif visionary states in which I became unaware of my surroundings for 2 more hrs then settled into a lucid dreamy state filled with trace patterns and mosaic spectral color images superimposed over most objects for 2-3 more hrs.

Then settling into a comfortable lassitude and blissfull mindstate.What I found strangest was the undeniable sensation that I had a powerful ally with me as I stood ground with the strange being I met in whatever space my conscience had traveled to and that through most of the experience I was muted almost completly.

It seemed as though the mushroom dose Divorced a portion of my mind from itself and I was literally speechless for almost 8 hrs.Even in recounting the experience creating verbal mental concepts for what was ocurring still escapes me 4 yrs later!

I intend to repeat the experience in june but am going to ingest the mushrooms first(P.semilanceata in honey) and follow with a slightly smaller cactus dose.Has anyone else experimented with cacti and fungi together?
Bon Chance! )whiterasta(

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