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Home alone trip.

This was the first real time I tripped.

This was the first real time I tripped. I decided to not take much since I was home alone. I had about 2g of dried mexican cubeniss (not sure if that's the name. Mexican something.)

First off, I didn't feel any form of nausea - which is cool. Gradually they built up. I started becomming aware that it was very dark. (at 2pm)

I then began to notice small things that I wouldn't notice normally, such as smudges on the floor. At the time all of this felt normal until I got a drink and could hear the bubbles popping in it. They sounded like explosions. It was then i knew the shrooms were working. Then as I was walking down my stairs I could hear myself breathing. It was very loud and like clockwork. So in time.

It was mainly aural effects at that point. Until I began thinking "I hope I don't see anything from The Ring." (the film.) I looked at my tv and surprise, surprise I saw a black blur in the corner of my eye. I knew that If i tried to supress it my mind would amplify it so I decided to go with the flow and stare at it. It was a black figure in some gothic hood staring at me through my window. It was in my garden and had it's face pressed up against the glass. Only, it didn't have a face. There was simply darkness where it's face was. We were staring at eachother for about five minutes. All of the time I was just thinking, "Damn it. This could be complicated."

I reminded myself it was only in my head and it dissapeared. It appeared in a few other places but I just laughed at it. I beat my mind. After that it went away.

I started watching Fairly odd parents (some cartoon.) and I didn't really hear the voices so much as the sound effects. I heard every sound effect alot louder than anything else - They were much funnier than the dialogue. I just sat there in hysterics for a while.

It wasn't until I was back in my room that I started seeing more stereotypical visuals. Everything seemed to zoom in and out. For those who haven't tried any form of hallucinogen, it really is how television programs show it. Then my door started to breathe. The wood felt like it was breathing in and out, like an animal. I thought it was a horse and started saying 'good door' and petting it. I actually knew what I was doing was so stupid but I kept doing it anyway.

Listening to pink floyd really made this stuff happen more. Then I became very creative. I drew a picture and wrote a poem.

The trees go easily, They come undone.
watch them beat like a drum.

life vasting death, a new plane of being.
this is definalty a new reality
- a new way of seeing:
that it's not just me.
life is peace.

drift away with me,
and you will scope
the full magnititude
of life, death and hope.

I was just writing down what was comming into my head. It came out like that. The picture was quite strange. It features something that looks like the earth, with one country... all with strange faces in it. Above the country there is the sun on the horizon. The sun has three spikes coming out of it. The earth and sun is outlined in a thick marker pen. I remember doing this to signify pure energy (..or something like that.)

In the rest of the earth it is written, "The creator is the dictator."... whatever that means.
Next there's a huge mushroom cloud drawn in biro, that is connected with the horizon of earth. In the top part of the cloud there is something that appears to be a cross between that guiding star in the bible, and a crucifx with someone (presumably Jesus) attached to it.

There is a man drawn in marker holding his hand out, and some sort of crab or insect with a triton as a nose on the other side of him. Through the man there is something that looks like a strand of DNA, with the linking parts done in marker - the rest in biro. It has the words 'ANOMALY' scribed above it. Next to that it says 'BABY' with a small squiggle underneath.

The center of the page has four stick people, all seem to be holding hands. One has a hat and one has a triangle as legs. The triangle was to show a dress, the hat (Which was also a triangle) was to show him being a businessman - it was supposed to mock sexist stereotypes (i think.)

The trippiest part of the page is in the corner. It has a strange alien face that could also be a man with an eyeball in his mouth.

I found another piece of paper that I think I wrote when I saw the hooded figure. It reads "Could see a dark hooded figure - DEFINALTY negative" (negative is underlined.) It has some other things written on it, but the pen was broken so I can't read them.

Eating and drinking was amazing. The taste of cold tropical fruit juice pushed me into sensory overload. It was like my tounge had an orgasm.

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