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O MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My my my what a night to remember.

My my my what a night to remember.......... well you see it all started when we went to liams, liams big, he had shrooms and we devoured them, me and my friend D split a quad of some mexican shrooms, it took a little a while to kick in but once it started :0 oh my, i was flabberghast, never in my life have i experienecd this feeling, i had a glowing aurora around me, at first we just sat around and listened to TATU but then D had a splendid idea play NINTENDO. we played teenage mutant ninja turtles and i slowly looked over to darren and he morphed into splinter and then splinter morphed in a calculator that communicated in heiroglyphics and then he said he had to jet so then the pink panther strolled in and took his place and then he morphed into time and time morphed into more time and more time morphed in to SUPER SAYJIN STEVEN, steven challanged me to a duel, and it was all downhill form there.... his whiskers turned into pink magical tentacles that whipped me about but then i ripped them off....THE TABLES HAD TURNED... DUN DUN DUUUNN. and then i blinked and darren was back in BLACK. he had turned into a negro, so i screamed " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and leaped through the glass and was PUMELTING to my certain death, but then....super sprocket the flying squirell caught me in his wingspan and we flew into the twilight zone, i was in a different envrioment/world/universe. liam was master of the tape measurers but then ralph drove by in aarons car and dropped a chrome plated frisbee i took the frisbee and lauched it into the netherworld, but then a rainbow..... at last we were out of liams grasps, we had returned to our natural dimension and decided to tickle the leprachaun and eat some lucky charms til the sun went down,and day turned into night and night turned into liam and when liam gets mad PEOPLE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but suddenly i left through the time portal and returned to what i thought was earth................little did i know it was really NARNIA, LIAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, the tunes started, if my memory serves me right it was bela fleck and the flecktones, they started to wear off and then i dozed into a deep slumber..........

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