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Nothing I have Experienced Before

I am 18 years old and i have taken mushrooms around 20 to 30 times.

I am 18 years old and i have taken mushrooms around 20 to 30 times.Around this time i had been looking to take my trip to a new level.I knew a couple people from school who wanted to grill.So I picked an 1/2once of cubensis for my friends and I.They each took an 1/8 and I took 3 1/8 not knowing exactly what was in store for me.
We went to my friends house where we decided to watch tv. On the television when it all kicked in every thing on tv ment nothing but it seemed that they knew i was watching. This interested me so I watched closer then some lady face came over the screan and said "Hey Jason this is really happening". Jason is my name and that is the last thing I remember clearly. I guess after that i just went crazy for a few hours. I do recall laying in a car in front the house I knew when each car was going to come past because I just knew. The last thing that I remeber before I was taken home was a dream of some kind. I was 24 years old sitting in front of my own house in my car that I do not have. I was sitting in my car thinking back on the night that I figured every thing out.I was in clothes that I have never seen anything like and they fitted me perfectly every thing around was for me.
Then I am at home smokeing cigarette's in my parents house and they were also home. I walked to the kitchen and then i got lost my house is not big. Each step i took would put me in a different room. I knew then i could not leave my house I was trapped.I laid down and I felt my whole body die. I awoke on my face after to hearing my mom saying my name. Walking past her I noticed my mom had no feet nor did she have a face. I sat in my room watching my clocks listening to my mom pace the house. I had a taste of hell.It was the worst and best trip I have ever had.
So this goes to show take shrooms but only in a good enviroment.

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