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Not prepared

I had just gone back to visit my old school and was stayingwith my friends.

I had just gone back to visit my old school and was staying
with my friends. It was a weekend of Debauchery called "dillo" day. The idea is to get as crazy as you can. The first day consisted of smoking weed and drinking,
but I had brought some shrooms with me from Colorado. The weather was bad so we decided not to do it.
The next day was glorious, sun shining, not a cloud in the sky. My friends still opted not to take the shrooms, but I had been intent on tripping that weekend.

I had shroomed once before, about a half an eighth and had mild visual hallucenations but nothing more. Realistically that was what I was expecting this time. I put about 3/4 of an eighth into my Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and ate them all up. Not the tastiest, but not
the worst either.

We went back to my friends apartment and started watching Billy Madison. After a half an hour nothing had happened
and I was getting upset thinking that the shrooms were lame. My friends left and it was just me on the couch watching t.v. At about the time Billy starts to chase the penguin things started getting funny. At one point Adam Sandler turned toward me in the room and asked me a question, but I can't remember what he said.

I decided that the trip was starting and that it'd be a good time to visit my other friend M. I went over to his dorm room, drinking a beer on the way, and eating a couple more caps too. I went up to his room and he, his girlfriend and I all smoked a bowl.

That's when it started to get intense. I noticed i was having a hard time talking to him, I got easily distracted
and lost my train of thought. I tried my best to cover it up. At about that time he invited me to go to a party with him and as he asked I noticed that the elephants on the bottom of the tapestry on the wall had started to walk across it.

Compared to my last time tripping this was unreal. I'll admit I was a little afraid. I looked down at the floor, but when I looked back up the entire room had turned polka dot red and white, except for the lamp which was polka-dot green and white. My friend asked me if I was okay, and the room proceeded to switch so that the lamp was red and white and the room was green and white. I told him I probably couldn't go to the party.

At that time my cell phone rang, it was my friend D. He asked me where I was, and that he was expecting to see me sooner. I told him I'd come right over. I figured anything would be better than this crazy room. I told my friends bye and started walking to the frat house

About half way there, I lost all conection to myself. I no longer felt like "I" existed. It was a complete loss of ego. I walked as fast as I could to get to my friends room.

When I got there we exchanged our hellos. And started shooting the shit, though I was having a hard time doing that. Then my cell phone rang again, I looked at the number and saw it was my friend C. I answered, but couldn't hear anything on the other side. I waited and waited but got no reply. When I hung up my friend D. looked at me and said, "Maybe you should turn that off." And there was something in the way he said it that made me understand I probably should turn it off.

D. asked me if I was feeling okay, and i said, "well actually, I just took some shrooms." He said, "Why didn't you say so...I've got something for you to see." He stood up, walked over to the door and turned of the light. He then walked over next to me and said, "Right about now." as he said Now he placed his hand on my shoulder and when his hand hit my shoulder it felt as if my entire body fell away. The best I can describe it was that my body turned into grains of sand and that they fell away from my body one by one.

Needless to say I was scared shitless. I told D. that something was wrong, and he said don't worry this is what's supposed to happen. He put in a dvd and showed my some music, which was somewhat relaxing but hard to comprehend. I remeber looking at the clock and seeing the numbers were all nonsensical.

It was about this time that I stopped talking outloud. (Now here I'm not sure how accurate this is) But it seemed to me that I was talking to him in my head only, and he was talking back to me outloud. So I didn't say anything to him outloud, but he still answered.

My first question was: "Am I dead?"
To which he responded: "Not exatly."
I asked somemore things but don't remember them at this time. I remember feeling like I was near the site of a plane crash, and that I had died in it...but i have no good reason to explain this feeling.

Then some of d.'s friends started walking in. They gave me goofy looks and I felt very uncomfortable. One of them sat down, and though I didn't know her she picked up a marble and said, "Marbles are like friends, they're great when they are shiny and new, but then we forget about them." And with that she walked out. Another of D.'s Friends walked in and they had a private conversation, then D. turned to me and asked: "Do you want a beer?"

I said no, and he said good. Then the whole room went black except for a spotlight shinning on D. Then another spotlight came on and there was broken glass all over the floor. Instantly we weren't in his room, we were in this "void" area. All of the sudden from far away this couch filled with my friends came rushing in right next to d.

D. turned to me and said you died after drinking too much beer and shrooming and you fell out a window. To which one of my friends on the couch said, "It's the first movie I ever saw."

Instantly we were back in D's room. And he said we should go outside. In my head I asked him, "Are you god?" To which he laughed and said, "No." Then in my head I asked him for a hug, which he obliged and we went outside.

Outside I ran into my friend R who I had just seen two hours ago and he gave me this huge hug and said, "It's so great to see you again." Which I thought was strange as I just talked to him not two hours before.

I had no Idea how I was going to get back to my friends apartment when out of nowhere he was walking up the sidewalk. He asked if I wanted to go back to the apartment, which I said I did and we started walking.

About halfway there I heard someone from a Frat house yell, "we've got Brittney Spears naked here!" I told G that I heard it and that we should go check it out, he was incredulous, but I insisted. We started walking between the two frat houses and got to the opening and I froze, there on the ground highlighted in a bright streetlight was broken glass just like I saw in the "void"

I told G I couldn't go, and he asked me why not and I said, cause somethings not right about it. To which he responded: "So you can keep going this way, or you can turn around and walk with Christ...which do you want to do?"

I ofcourse stated walk with Christ...so we turned around and walked back to the apartment.

At the apartment I continued to have auditory hallucenations, which were hard to explain, I felt like someone was calling to me to do something but I couldn't tell what. We were watching a movie and it kept freezing on me, and it seemed as though the people in the room were really the movie, and that the movie was real life. I don't really know how to explain it

Needless to say I was unprepared for this.

If you have any thoughts, questions, comments etc...feel free to write to me at BeastieNoise@yahoo.com >As there is some stuff I have left out, in the hope to make this brief---though I have failed.


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