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not fear, not happiness, just fucked up

let me start off by saying i had only tripped twice before this, and this time, i was eating 7 grams dried.

let me start off by saying i had only tripped twice before this, and this time, i was eating 7 grams dried. i just got back from a bob weir concert with my friends, so i was already blazed out of my skull. when we got home, i ate the bag in about 5-10 minutes and waited. to kill the time, i did a couple bowls shortly after the digestion started to take place. after i finished that, i sat down and started watching cool runnings. i felt really out of breath and weightless, but in a good way. i knew it was gonna be a fucked up night. i went outside and lit a cigarette on the porch...this is when things got fucked up. i looked at the trees in front of me and all of a sudden, they all bent down to the ground and sprang right back up. it was 1:30 in the morning so i didn't wanna make a scene, so i just chilled out there and tripped out some more. when i went inside, the lights in the kitchens killed me. it was so bright and all these crazy antiques around me were breathing and sliding back and forth. i felt kinda sick so i went to the bathroom in case i would puke. i sat next to the toilet and closed my eyes only to see the most fucked up shit i had yet to see. i saw dragons moving like roller coasters toward me, and when i opened my eyes all i saw was kaleidoscopes all over the wall. my friend came up to me and thought i was dying, he was really scared. i told him i was fine, i was just really tripped out. since i was goin nuts over there, i decided to continue watching the movie. i changed into my pajamas and sat on the couch under a sea of about 7 blankets. the lights were dim and we had some zeppelin playing softly in the background. i started to melt in with the couch and i just took in a completely out of body experience. my friend's living room had all these pictures of jazz musicians and they all started playing for me and dancing. this is when things got really messed up....my friend fell asleep. i was all alone tripping out of my skull in his house with no one to talk to. i figured the easiest thing to do would be watch a movie....so i chose elf. if any one ever decides to eat as many as i did, u need to watch this movie. i was so tripped out by everything involving it, it was amazing. after the movie finished, i was slowly coming down on the trip, so i decided to get up and write my thoughts. when i got up, i had no control of my body. it was fucked up cause i could see myself acting in that way, but i couldn't stop it. i was walking like a robot all over the house. when i found a pen and paper, i realized i forgot how to write. that part of the trip really freaked me out so i just sat back down on the couch, put some mars volta on, and relaxed. i thought about a lot of things: space, time travel, god, death, existance, family, friends, and the future. it was a beautiful night of spirituality, visuals, and being fucked up. if anyone decides to do 7 grams, be smart and do it in an environment like i did: no parents home for over 24 hours, with people you trust, and where u have nothing important to do for at leas 8 hours. peace

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