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no one do this

This is a story about the hardest trip i have ever experienced.

This is a story about the hardest trip i have ever experienced. The night started off fairly normal, I got off work and was going off to pick up to of my good friends. When i reached the firsts house I asked about any way of getting a hold of a few grams of the mighty fungus. We ended buying an ounce.
We reached my friends Brian's house around 11:00 and we sat around for a while, finally one of us said "MUSHROOMS". We ended up munching an ounce of shrooms between the three of us, I took the most (around 10.5g). I know I know i was asking for trouble, but i wanted reality to go away for a while. We sat watching southpark a while and then decided to go for a walk right before the trip. As soon as we stood up I was suddenly hit by a visual i have never seen before in Brian's wood floor. It looked as though it was covered in strange looking molocules floating and very much so discombobulated. We made it outside and started running around liek crazy. Life was a blast. I started to see in tints of purple and suddenly my vision was taken back by beautiful hughes of purples and reds. I looked at a large oak tree and it was no longer an oak, but some sort of strange alien species of flora. We ran away from the "cops" and reached an elementary school. I have never seen three grown men have so much damn fun on a teeter-toter. We must have riden that thing for an hour. Well on the way back to his house is when things really started to get crazy, I started peaking and so did everyone else. I have also lost big chunks and pieces of the trip, but was later fild in on it all. I apparently had no idea where i was and wouldnt walk fast enough. Suddently Brian broke away from my friend and i and started running down the street screaming like a loon. So we made our way back home and when we reached there he was no where to be found. We started to play with the poker chips and I threw them around a whole lot, it seemed no one could stop me. Finally we found Brian in the garage crying on the floor, he had broken the head off of a rocking horse and had scraped the crap out of his face. At this point we went to lay ont he water bed and relax. Apparently i went on a small tirade and broke a television and threw some books around untiull i fell into the closet. I remember at this point thinking i had lost it, i had taken to many damn shrooms and i would never be sane again. I started beating my hand against the wall of the closet until Brians wife came in and demanded of use what the hell was going on. Apparently she tried to get me out of the closet and I kicked her in the head. I guess someone explained, or terified to, the siutation to her and she settled down. I eventually escaped the horrible visions i was having and started to realize eventually that my so called friends where just halucinations. For this reason i left the house and sta of the curb facing the house. I sat there for hours contemplating this new hell of mine. It was a clod winter night and i had no shoes on and so i felt this constant pain of cold searing me from head to toe. Eventually I threw up all of the shrooms all over myself and this lead to even more discomfort. At this point people where coming outside begging me to come in and have fun. I sat there and clearly remember them coming out only to moick my bad expertience and for some reason jumpoing around like crazy clowns. Finally I realized I could stand and went inside. Southpark was now opn full blast. I looked at one of my friends and it apperaed as if he was twirling his hand around and around, his wife appeared to be moving around as a robot and picking things up and moving them about. And i remember these voices calling out to me, "Wow arent shrooms great." and "Phil Collins, Phil Collins!" I went back to my friends room and locked the door. I layed there until moirning hearing their crazed rants and raves. I really thought i was crazy and would never awake fromt his horrible night. But, in the morning i woke up feeling refreshed and saw that everyhting was back to normal and my friends were not crazy. I have to say it was one hell of a night and i would not recomend anyone trying it. Well i gotta be off those four grams are probabl gonna kick in soon.

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