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no more clutter

i would like to begin by urging anyone who desires to reach the indescribable "level 5" to explore the depths of mushroom tea.

i would like to begin by urging anyone who desires to reach the indescribable "level 5" to explore the depths of mushroom tea. its incredible.
it is so hard to describe the state of existence i was in during the better part of my last trip, but i will attempt it just because ever since then i have felt overly compelled to share it with anyone and everyone. each previous trip of mine has been really surface level, fun, adventurous...etc. mushrooms, however, drive much deeper into your spirituality at times, and i now realize this.
anyway, i tripped last fri. with my two best friends, which is almost too great in itself. the actual trip was sad and beautiful. those are the only two words in the english language that describe any part of it at all. its all a feeling, the feeling of your soul and your physical body dismembering in order for you to achieve perfect clarity. its like you are your own god. you feel what the real world is like, but it impossible to understand why we are there. you know every step you will ever need to take, but it hurts you to have to take those steps. for instance, i came to the realization that i need to quit drugs for a while and become isolated in order find myself while i was peaking. i knew EVERYTHING without any doubt whatsoever, and those feelings were everything...they comprised all that mattered.
most of the other trip reports are stories, series of events, but there is no order, no sequence to the mental sensations that i experienced. it is a sense of respite from everything physical...dont get me wrong, you definitely still feel the trip in every way, but that part just doesnt matter. all of the things that we clutter our lives with, competition, and physical perfection, and meaningless nonsense that only exemplify our own meaninglessness just become so damn confusing that you cannot possible comprehend why we torture ourselves in the real world with such bullshit. im sure the only people who understand anything i am saying are the ones who have tripped to this point before, and that makes me sad in itself. you just have to feel it to know that there are no words for it. my only advice is to remove the clutter, pamper your soul, and be safe while having as much fun as possible.
also, be ready to leave this world. it will be like nothing you can even imagine and it will change you permanently. do not take spiritual trips lightly at all.
what i learned:

clarity and love are what it is all about. this world we are in is impermanent, but more importantly, indefinite. life is inescapable, as are many of the paths that we dont even want to have to take. focus on the discrete beauties, and looking back now, dont try to put it into words.

"dont ever tell anybody anything. then you just end up missing everything." -holden caufield

take care of your bodies and your souls and enjoy whatever it is that you do. i like getting emails from strangers about mushrooms, so feel free: immaculateandshowerless@yahoo.com.

take it easy.

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