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New Begining

A little about myself first.

A little about myself first. At the time I was 15 and i had pretty long hair growing into dreadlocks. i wanted to do this all my life and thats how it was. ive always liked muchrooms Throuhout my hole life. I have pictures of them in my room and what not. This was my Very first trip. my friend i was with had 2 experiances. And expected for these to be the same as the rest. he told me what he felt and maybe what i should expect.

I found out i could get a bag of pretty good muchrooms from a girl for $25 i jumped on the offer, and she came to my hosue the next day. i called Gonzo over (myfriend). we called her and she said shed be there in a hour or so. So we roled a jay, and went and smoked it. we came back and shortly after she was there. i got in the car infront of my house, and she pulled out a sack, witch looked 5-7 grams. but i wasnt sure at the time it coulda been one 8th for all i know. but now i know it was about that much. There was 3 caps all three dark orange curled up into a ball wrinkled. the stems where white with blue swirles. She said to me "This is your first time right?" i said yes. "Ok I don't want you to each a full bag of these, My friend shrooms alot and he says they are extremly powerful, so promise me you wont eay a full 8th" i said ok cause it looked truly liked she cared.

We decited to goto what my town calls the "420 tower". Witch is a place onside of a mountain. witch you can see from the canyon as you enter my town from idaho. or bear lake. I was on a mini scooter and he was on a bmx bike. we go on the road that leads to the tower about 9:15. we got to it at about 9:17. we started to climb the hill. half way up, i look down and i see a cop. we both freak out and lay flat on the rocks. it went away after a short time. cause it is illegal to be up here. after we are sure its gone, we climbed down. And ate the muchrooms ar the bottem. we had the half bag each me having 2 caps. him one but more stems. me finishing off the spores and what not. I kept the full half bag in my mouth as i turned it into oatmeal in my mouth. then swalloed we left after drinking pepsi. I think they taste ok. differant but ok.

as we past first dam. and onto a road called canyon road. it already started to kick in. with treese on both sides. i thought i saw something on one side. I glanced and i saw marshmellow man. and i was like whoa. and i thought i saw something on the other side of the street in the trees i looked and there is chesser cat fading away. its about 9:30-45 now. i keep glancingback and forth seeing differant stuff. rats falling out of a tree and just random stuff. I turned around a a car was right on my ass as it honked its horn and freakd out and ran to the side of the road. i look ahead and gonzo is 30 yards or so infront of me. so i get up and go on my little scooter. and cath up and tell him what i saw. he was like yeah im starting to fell like goop. and i realized i could bealry ride this scooter. we stopped at a friends house and he wasnt home. so we started again down this road. this road is erie, and its not in a canyon. we had a half o of weed on us. and for some reason we got REALLY scared of cars. thinking all of them where cops. shortly after i fell into trance. and forgot we left the canyon road. but i remember looking into a cops car for a sec looking as if the computer was dazziling with colors and illusions. we take off cause we where scared. and a dog started chasing us.

we freaked out and stopped at a house. it looked to me if we where going under a willow over hang on both sides. so i ducked and went through. A hobbit looking fellow with short-long dreads, and a tie-dye shirt. answerd the door. i was happy to see this guy since i knew him from a little while back. not knowing he grew dreds. we sat on his couch as he asked us whats up. gonzo asks him if he still smokes and he says ya sure oncein a while. and we asked if he still does shrooms. he said yeah they are nice. so we explained to him how the night went felling tottaly as if i was on the same road we left on. i felt safe and very very tripped out. i didnt know what was going on for a while.

it was about 10:30 now. and his house was the coolest thing i ever saw. he took us on a tour as all i could do was just make funny sounds. in ahhh. The felling i felt throughout his house was more positive then anything i ever felt. I felt like he was almost my brother. Or my best friend. and ive known him since the begining of time. the hand made tie-dye all over his house. made me happy. and it felt like his house was made out of bamboo and viens. as i could see them moveing on the walls. they where colored like tie-dye and i wanted to live here. i felt. we went into his room. and smoked a good 2 8ths felling like the pipe didnt stop comming to me. and i havnt smoked anything. the hippie had a old time pipe. and he had apple tobacco. we smoked some. not inhaling. witch gave me a certain aura witch made me feel invincable. cause it was his pipe. and his room. He didnt think we liked his dogs. and i didnt know how to tell him i did. i wanted to them to come to me. and i wanted them to jump on me and play with me. and he kept calling them back. it made me feel bad. we went outside cause i didnt know where i was. for sure. and i looked stright ahead and there is the bus station 4 miles from where i remember we left. i still didnt know why we where there and how we got there. i still was lost and couldnt relate where i was to where we where and my own house. I just felt tottal confusion. but it didnt matter. cause i was in that house. the house of my dreams. the way i wanted to live. and what i wanted to be. a hippie. i stared at there clock witch was a minituare grand father clock. for 2 steight hours it being 11:30 when i started they said. seeming like it was 10 maybe 15 minutes. they didnt bother me at all. cause they said theve had stared at that clock the same way. they put in a movie "Rocky horror picture show" i had no clue what was going on sice i was staring at the walls. but it felt like i watched the whole movie and knew exactly what was going on. i had no moral to even sit down or stand. i felt like i was just gunna float. and stay there. inthe air. watching this movie. gonzo went to the bathroom comming back i watched 4 minuets witch seemed like the whole movie. so i got up and left. and looked at the house some more. i guess he wasnt afraid of us wondering around.

i came back the the front room. and gonzo asked if his cock was hanging out of his pants. and i was like no dude. i dont think so. he asked me another 14 times i swear while we where there. after trying to figure out where i was. and still couldnt. we decited we had to go since it was around 2:30am. and still tripping hard. we went our there there car. and i realized i knew exactly whree i was. and there was no willow over hang. and the sceanery tottaly changed. we got into there car. and i felt instantly abrupt. i said "I only wish your car was like your house" and they all looked at me and started to laugh. but it made me feel sad cause i wanted to be in that house forever. we left and went to gonzos house.

when we got there 30 seconds later i swear. his brother came walking very fastly from his back yard. asking waht i was doing and whats up. i was just looked at him. seeing tracers. and said. shrooms. he smiled and walked off. talking to gonzo. after that. we started walking to a party across the feild from his house. we went inside. and tehre was 40-50 people. i felt unsecure in everystate. and i wanted to leave right when i got there. i wanted to go back to jakes... i almost wanted to cry. (jake the hippie) gonzo knew a few people and they asked us what we where on. and gonzo said shrooms, and he said he got them from me. they gatherd around. and bugged me where are they comon tell us you got more? just swarmed i wanted to die or blow up and kill them all. it was like i went from a dream world to nightmear. i ran away form them into the next room. instantly a huge smile opened up on my face. When i saw the 4 foot bong infront of me. sadly it was apple tobacco but i took one humangas hit and gallons of smoke hurled out of my mouth. shortly after they all knew my pupils where the size of a 8 ball. and they all knew. a guy asked us if we where 18 and we said no. he asked us to leave. i think he was gay, but he made my day.

I left out the back door. happy to be out. i told gonzo i didnt wanna be here and i wanna go back to jakes. he said i could leave. but i didnt know my way. even thought my town is small and i knew my way everyday before and after that. i thought i would get shot and die.

it was about 4:30 now. and hallucionations kicked in. we sat at his back porch. and i stared at him in the darkness. as matrix style boxes and prizms ran down his face. i looked away and they dissapeard. he went inside. and the colors on his wall matched the ones at jakes house. but not close to the same feeling.

i felt 5 downgrades and not nearly as happy. i couldnt get that house outta my head. and i havnt yet since this very day. He turned on mortal kombat 3 trilogy and i couldnt really even pick up the controller. i wanted to sleep. my body wanted to die. and my mind was much. i saw more things in that room then i can explain on this one page. and more then i can remember with my one brain alone. people say they dont halucinate on shrooms.

these made me see more things then i ever thought. i closed my eyes and all i saw was kliediscope prizms and eys dweling upon eyes upon waves of colors and auras. ninja stars surrounding castles. unimaginable things. i only thought about jake. jake, and more jake. i felt thats how i wanted to live. my life is a fuck up. and i wanna be a hippie. i wanna live in a small house. i wanna have a cool wife. i dont wanna be rich. i wanna be a hippie. i was so sure i wouldnt ever think the same about my life. i felt god was upon me. and conecting to me. about how the world should live. and everything should be the way i thought. in peace. and happyness.

And from that day forth i still wanna be a hippie. i want all the same things. everytime i shroom i fell like this. i still visit jake. and we are friends. mushrooms have changed my life and for the better. I fell so conected to shrooms. people think im obssesed. but they dont understand what i went through. and how i felt about what i did. ive never done any other substances besides mushrooms and weed. and im going to keep it that way.

I belive muchrooms can change your life. pleas ignore the same basic one i wrote like this one. or delete it thx

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