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Never doin that shit again

First off i want to start this report saying that i am a massive light-weight to any kind of drugs what-so-ever, Anyways my first and last trip started out like this.

First off i want to start this report saying that i am a massive light-weight to any kind of drugs what-so-ever, Anyways my first and last trip started out like this. My friend josh called me and asked me if i was down to do some shrooms. Seeing as i had never tried them before and wanted to i said i was down. I threw in twnety dollars and me and two other people got a 1/2 of an ounce. As soon as my friend blaise picked the shit up we started eatin the shit out of them. I probably ate close to an 1/8 of ounce, and then we started walking to my friend tommys house which was about a fifteen minute walk. By the time we got to his house i already started to feel kinda high. so, we went into the house and chilled for about 20 min. and after everyone else was trippin we decided to take a walk and see some fucked up shit. at first that shit was awsome. we were walkin around in the middle of the night all fuckin trippin mad. awsome at first, then we went back to tommys and chilled for about an hour. during all this time we were all confused about everything and anything. i just sat there and watched just about everything i looked melt into nothing. Then, i got a phone call from my girlfriend and i told her that i was going to go to her house. when i got to around my house (which is on the way to my girlfriends house) is the time when the shit got really fucked up. I totally blacked out and everything felt like a retards dream. i went to my house while i was still blacked out and i guess i just started breakin shit for no reason at all. then my mom came down and i guess i started fighting with her and left the house. after that i walked up the street and i was just walkin in the middle of the road. the only things i remembered were somebody throwing water on me to wake me up. after that more walking in the middle of the road. this time aparentely my pants fell down and i was still walking in the road. then two of my G/Fs friends came to try and get me in a car and take me to her house because the cops were on their way to get me. remember during all this time i was still blacked out. during this time i was fighting with the people trying to get me in the car and i even punched one of them in the face. more fighting with her friends, and then the cops. they came and i even tried fighting them after arresting me an ambulance came and i remember feeling them lift me up in the stretcher. i also remember sitting in the ambulance and reading random shit in the ambulance over and over again. next thing i remember is waking up in the hospital with restraints on my arms and i was still trippin. then the trip went away and i was fine. released from the hospital that day. The good thing is that i am not in trouble with the cops. the bad thing is that i have to go through three months of drug counseling. even though i dont remember most of it,...it was still a way fucked up experience that i will never go through again...

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