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Never again :(

It was Me(K), M, and E.

It was Me(K), M, and E. I took a bunch of shrooms on a peanut butter sandwich and drank fruitopia (contains a lot of Vitamin C which increases your trip). We all went to a basketball game. We went to this ghetto school which had a rhythm dance team, well....That was weird. I was so confused. I didn't know why they kept banging the floor and clapping in the middle of the gym but I was laughing. My friend, E, got high before we went and she started flipping out at the Basketball game which didn't make me feel so well. She kept making me nervous b/c she was so nervous. After the basketball game, we were walking to my car and M (ex-boyfriend) kept playing tricks on me. He kept talking really quick and making buzzing sounds and I was like, "What are you doing?". He said, "What are you talking about K? I didn't say anything." This got me to think man, I am so weird. I need to stop thinking things are fake. Well, we are driving around and all of a sudden we turn this turn and there is a deer in the road and two cars are stopped around it. The deer had been hit but it wasn't dead. His legs were broken but he was sitting up ad he was looking straight at me like he knew me. I was about to jump out of the car and go pet him but M and E stopped me. This is when it started to go all down hill. We went to this apartment and E was so high to get out so I stayed in the car with her and all I could think about was the dear. I was devastated. I turned the air on b/c I was hot and then I got cold quickly, then I got hot, then cold. This started to make me mad b/c I couldn't get content. E kept asking me questions and I couldn't answer her b/c I forgot how to talk. M came back to the car and and we went to E's house. On the way to E's house, we got on the interstate and I almost jumped out of the car on the interstate b/c I thought to myself, I bet I could fly..Its just mind of matter. Well, I was about to open the door then I thankfully changed my mind. When we got to E's house, I was wiggin out. I started petting E's dog. When I was petting the dog, I started thinking about cutting the dog open and and playing with the dogs insides and horrible stuff. I am not like that at all. I love animals and I would NEVER do such a thing. Then E was like what are you doing and she kept rolling her eyes. I thought she was mad at me. I said why are you rolling your eyes. She said I wasn't. I was like ok. I kept telling her I was sorry and she was like for what and then I thought she is mad at me and then I started getting nervous. M kept laughing at me and it was making me mad. I decided to go up to E's room and change into some of her clothes. I went to her room and I forgot how to take off my clothes. I couldn't get my shirt over my head. M came upstairs and helped me take off my clothes and put new ones on. Well, after we did that we headed back downstairs and E's Mom came out of her room. I was like Oh No. She thinks M and me are having sex b/c we are upstairs and I was flipping out. E's Mom came into the living room and said hey M and K. I didn't know how to respond. I forgot how to talk again. Its like I was an infant. M said hey to her and I looked at her and walked off. This was odd to her b/c I am real close to E's Mom. M said sorry about K, she doesn't feel good. I went back to E's room and couldn't take off E's clothes and put mine back on. I was helpless. I started walking to the stairs to tell E's Mom that I needed help and that I was about to die. I wanted to kill myself. I knew that this was the end. As I was walking, I started thinking in real depth about EVERYTHING and then I decided I bet it is better if I just go home and go to bed. I went downstairs and said bye E. M take me home please and I looked at E and she looked at me weird thinking why is she wearing my clothes. I could see and hear what everyone was thinking and everyone was thinking, "God...She is so annoying." This made me worried. I didn't want to be annoying and I felt like noone understood what I was thinking and how I was acting and they really thought I was a weirdo. M drove me home and on the way home he was trying to make me listen to Techno. Well, this made it even worse. The music made me worry even more b/c it was so fast. I wanted to listen to Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera but he made me listen to Techno. When I got home, I went straight to my room. I was crying inside but not on the outside. It was weird. All my emotions were on the inside. Noone could see them. Everyone could just see a dazed and confused, wide-opened eyed girl with no facial expression on her face but inside I was crying to shreds. M was like go try to make yourself throw up so we went and I was trying so hard but little did he know that throwing up increases your trip. Well, it got worse. I made M leave my house and I wanted him to go straight home b/c I was afraid his parents were going to wonder where he was and they would call my parents and my parents would come ask me and then they would find me all weirded out. He left and instead of going home, he went to a friends house. Well, the friends at that house decided to call me and prank me and make weird noises. They kept calling me over and over. I was afraid my parents were going to hear the phone ring b/c it sounded SOOO loud to me so I tried unplugging it. Well, I forgot how to unplug it. I was trying to rip the cord out of the wall but I lost all my strength. I was freakin out. They kept calling and calling so I just left the phone off the hook and then that loud beeping sound came on (the sound when you leave the phone off the hook for a while). I was afraid my parents were going to hear it so I put it under my pillow and then that sound got into my brain. I started going crazy literally. I went schizophrenic. I then realized that there were lights on and I needed to turn them off so I got up and forgot how to turn the lights off. I kept fearing that I was going to get in trouble for leaving the lights on. I needed to go to the restroom next and for some reason I didn't want to use my bathroom so I went down to my brother's bathroom. On the way to the bathroom there is this short hallway and I don't know how but I got lost in it for forever it seemed like. I didn't know where to go or turn. I was banging on things trying to feel my way through. I finally made it and as I was peeing I was staring at the wall paper and it had so many designs and they started come out at me and its was like they were telling me a story. They were saying, "I am tired of being on this wall. Everyone is mean to me. Take me with you." I felt bad for the swirls and I wanted them to go with me back to my room to sleep with me. I kept trying to get them but they kept falling and crying. I was so upset. I couldn't do anything about it. I eventually went back to my room and just laid in bed thinking crazy stuff. I was staring at my ceiling fan going around and around. I shut my eyes thinking I could fall asleep but that is when I started seeing a laser light show behind my eye lids. I thought I was in the movie THE CELL. I kept going into bad scenes and everytime I was in a bead scene I would snap my hands. They were horrible scenes. I was dying and noone wanted to help me. It was horrible. I really did feel the pain inside but on the outside I was numb. After that escapade, I thought I was in the movie pie. The one where the guy is trying to figure out the math stuff. Well, numbers kept flying across my eyes and all could think is I almost have it....But the numbers were trying to equal up to an answer to whether or not there is an afterlife or not. Well, numbers were shooting everywhere. Every single time I would almost have figured it out, my head would go blank and I would have to start over. It was awful. I finally got the answer and for some reason the answer was no. The answer was everyone comes back to life after they die and it is just a cycle that never stops. After you die, you don't remember that you have lived before so you ca make the same mistakes in the next life b/c in your head you don't know that you've lived another life before. Then it made sense to me that there wasn't a God. I was shocked. (In real life I do believe in God). This kept repeating over and over. I finally realized that I needed to go to the hospital and get help. I decided to go get my Mom and tell her what was going on. As I was walking down the stairs, I noticed everything was made of unfurnished wood. Nothing was in color. Everything was black and gray. I then thought that I was in hell and the devil was playing jokes on me. I was so scared. I kept saying to myself, "this isn't real, its ok, go tell Mom." I looked at my bird's birdcage and it was made of wood also. It was supposed to be black rod iron cage but it was wood. I was so scared. I went to go tell my Mom. I went into my parent's bedroom and when I leaned over to tell her I needed serious help, I then thought...Oh My god...My mom is the devil. She is dressed up to look like my mom. I woke up my Mom and told her I needed to talk to her. She kept saying why what's wrong and to me it sounded like she was saying it weird like she was pretending to have my mom's voice and pretending like she cared but she was really there to kill me. I looked at her and said, "Mom, help me. I can tripping." She then said, "What is tripping?" When she said this her face was swaying back and forth and started to melt. I was so scared. I said, "Mom, I am hallucinating. Help me." She said what is that?" Again her face was malting off. I said, "Mom are you really there?" My Mom started getting scared. She didn't know what was wrong with me. I said, "Mom, your promise you aren't the devil?" She was terrified. I asked her to come sleep with me. She walked me to my bed and laid down with me. As we were laying there, I grabbed her hand and said I love you Mom. She said I love you too. I was just shaking to death. I didn't know why. I wanted to stop tripping so bad. I hated it. I never wanted to do it ever again. As I was laying there, I kept hearing weird sounds. Everything all of a sudden stopped. I was just laying there for about 5 min until I hear this loud loud loud voice started laughing at me. It was a screaming laugh that was in a tone like ha ha I got you into trouble. It was the devil. I jumped a mile into the air and my Mom said, "K, you are starting to scare me." I said, I'm sorry." I finally ended up falling asleep about 4 hours after that. That morning I decided I would never eat a peanut butter sandwich ever again and never again with shrooms on it!!!!

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