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Never again

I will start by saying I have had many trips inclucing LSD over a 15 year period, so I thought I was experienced.

I will start by saying I have had many trips inclucing LSD over a 15 year period, so I thought I was experienced... haha.

Dose was 25 grams dried Philosophers Stone Truffles.

Big mistake taking these Truffles with more than 1 other person present, their was 4 of us, all taking a different dose
I had the largest dose my close friend had 20 grams, and the other 2 friends had 10 grams each.

I will make this short. The other 2 friends whom had taken 10 grams (first time trippers) had taken their doses an hour
before us. 1 of them who i will call Muppet was in a hurry to get home?? ( very unrelaxed etc ) when i had taken my dose the effects were almost instant ( well 15 mins or so ) so after an hour I was tripping very heavily, i was confused
and didn't no what I was doing or where I was. Muppet then said possibly the worst thing I have ever heard!! "you have been poisoned" from that moment I was extremely ill, vomiting, diarrhea, I couldn't control my boby temperature,
I took my clothes of I completely freaked out.

This lasted for at least 6 hours until I grasped reality.

The worst feeling was the feeling of complete separation from reality, I couldn't understand why I had a partner and a child and that there is no way of ever seeing them again.
A truly horrific experience.

Cheers Muppet i have had bad trips before but was able to control what was happening, this was a different version.

I have never taken or even wanted to LSD or Mushrooms again and probably never will.

Take care people you can be hurt.

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