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My Worst Nightmare Comes True

To start out, I’m Male 5’10” 155 and a 20 year old college student.

To start out, I’m Male 5’10” 155 and a 20 year old college student. This will be my 3rd time to experience shrooms with the first two experiences being quite pleasant. During this trip however, like the title says, I felt like I experienced things that made me feel as if I had died and gone to hell and back…things that I could never imagine even having nightmares about.

The first two times I did shrooms, I had built up a great deal of anticipation about what I wanted to experience and was extremely excited when I finally got the chance to take them. Unfortunately, this time I had been really sick for about 3 days with a fever and sore throat, and my roommate had ¼ ounce of shrooms just lying around. We decided “what the hell, if anything it will help take my mind off of being sick.” This time instead of building up anticipation or excitement about the trip, I just took them impulsively while I felt like crap from being sick.

To start out we split about an 1/8 ounce and ate a little less than 2 grams each. We just chewed them up plain and washed them down with water. They kicked in as normal with laughing after about 40 minutes and mild hallucinations after about an hour.

After about an hour and a half, I was experiencing what seemed like a level 2-3 trip with trees dancing for me and people’s faces morphing. At this point I impulsively decided that I should finish off the rest. I proceeded to gobble down another 1/8 ounce or about 3.5 grams for a total of a little under 5 and a half grams.

Next, I went by myself to my room where I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. From this point on I had either no sense of time or an extremely skewed one until the trip was over.

Suddenly, I became very very hot so I took off my shirt and splashed water all over myself and my bed. Then very intense hallucinations began and my thought patterns became even more fucked up. Suddenly my roommate opened my door and asked if I was okay. He later said that I just stared back not making a noise with a completely blank, emotionless expression. So he just left and that was the last I saw of him the rest of the night.

Everything in my room was blurred and spinning and I couldn’t see anything clearly. Its hard to describe what happened next, I was almost as if I ceased to exist and I had already died. These thoughts and feelings made me become very distressed and I have only brief recollections of what happened next…it wasn’t until after the trip that I found out that I had practically gone on a rampage through my room practically destroying everything I got my hands on. This included ripping the keys off my laptop keyboard, ripping all of the wires out of my desk lamp, ripping the pages of my school notebook in half, ripping the mirror off my wall and throwing it down the hall making it shatter, and drawing on the screen of my laptop, my walls and on myself with permanent marker.

After the rampage, I proceeded to take off my pants and boxers with only my shoes remaining. My thoughts wondered away from death and being dead, I then walked outside into my front yard and I started to morph into anything and everything I looked at as if I was morphing into one object and then almost instantly being pulled into the next object I looked at. As these sensations continued, I physically fell into some bushes and started eating the leaves, it seemed I had a heightened sense of taste and the leaves actually tasted good.

The next chapter in this fucked up trip is when my situation started getting worse and worse. Wearing nothing but my shoes and completely unaware of being a human being, I proceeded to walk across the street and open the front door to my neighbor’s house, whom I have never met, where I encountered about 4 or 5 people watching TV in their living room. The began to yell at me which I merely interpreted as incoherent noise. The best way to describe how I was feeling was that I was in a very vivid dream as a 3rd person observer. Then out of the blue I felt some intense pain as one of the guys in the house proceeded to punch me in the upper lip. I then stumbled down the steps out the front door and an instant later he punched me again in the nose which caused me to stumble into the street where I lay for an unknown amount of time. The next thing I know three vehicles sped towards me from what seemed like out of nowhere.

I was overwhelmed by all of the headlights and flashlights as the police officers hurried towards me yelling things that were again incoherent noise. Once more it felt as if I was in a dream when suddenly there was another episode of intense pain as handcuffs were forced around my wrists and I was thrown into the back of a squad car.

As the car rushed off, I felt increasingly claustrophobic and it was impossible to get in a comfortable position. However, at this point in the night the air was cool and humid and felt really good against my face as the squad car rushed off to an unknown destination.

Finally we arrived and there was more pain as I was dragged out of the back of the car (still fully nude) and led into what looked like the ER of a hospital. From this point on the visual hallucinations subsided dramatically.

The next thing I remember, I was lying in a bed in a brightly lit hospital room with restraints secured tightly around both of my wrists and both of my ankles. My right arm was pulled all the way back to the top of the bed, about 2 and a half feet above my head and my shoulder felt like it was about to break. I struggled and yelled for what seemed like an eternity and could not figure out how I had gotten in this situation for the life of me. I then reasoned that I must be having a nightmare and I hadn’t actually taken shrooms because it was inconceivable that I could possibly be in a situation as PAINFUL and downright HORRIFIC as I was now.

Every once in a while a nurse or security guard would enter the room for various reasons. At one point a couple of nurses came in. One held down my right arm with massive force as the other put in an IV. Normally needles don’t bother me that much but this time it was extremely painful when the needle was inserted for the IV.

After maybe another 30 minutes. The nurses brought in one of the security guards who then undid the restraint on my right wrist and left leg. This was an incredible relief but I still felt as if I was in a dream. After being left alone for what seemed like another 30 minutes I became very agitated and ripped the IV out of my arm with my mouth. My arm began to bleed profusely and before long I was laying in a pool of my own blood. I became even more upset and threw down the table next to my bed.

Before long, the nurses and security guard were back in the room. Ignoring the pool of blood, they put me back on all 4 restraints and fastened them even tighter than before. (Looking at my wrists and ankles a day and half later, I have bruises from the restraints.)

A nurse then gave me this pill (I forgot what she said it was) that was supposed to counteract the hallucinogenic effects of the shrooms. She said to put it under my tongue and let it dissolve.

They then had me go through a thorough psychiatric evaluation which took about 30-45 minutes before they cleared me to be released and FINALLY undid all of the restraints. At this point, nothing was more satisfying then being able to cuddle up in a ball and move around freely. The entire time I was in the hospital, I would beg anyone who came in the room to undo the restraints, explaining how painful it was. Time after time the nurse or security guard would say something like “umm…yeah, NO!” and just leave.

They then asked if there was anyone I could call to give me a ride home. I gave them some names of friends and it seemed like seconds later, when they told me my friend was at the hospital to pick me up. It wasn’t until I actually saw my friend at the hospital until I realized all of this had actually happened and it wasn’t a dream!

Looking back and talking to people who I had been around that night who weren’t tripping, I was able to construct a rough timeframe: I ate the first shrooms at about 6:30 pm, and the rest by about 9 pm, was picked up by the police at about 10:30 pm and was released from the hospital at about 1:30 am.

Looking back on this experience, I have learned many lessons about using shrooms.

(1) Preparation and mindset going into the trip are EXTERMELY important

(2) Decide before hand how much your are going to take and only have that much available, or have someone who is not tripping regulate your dosage if you want to take more after you are already tripping.

(3) This may not apply to everyone but I have had much better experiences when I am with other people who are tripping for the entire duration of the trip, I have suggested doing things while on past trips that may have gotten us in trouble but the person who I was with was able to check me and help avoid a potential problem even though he was tripping himself.

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