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holloween party

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I was shrooming with my best friend one night and our mission was to invite this friend over. after what seemed like years of distractions (in actuallity: 30 minutes) we accomplished our duty. It happened to be Holloween weekend and we were surprised to find at my door our friend along with another guy dressed as an oversized red M&M. His head shown through a tiny hole in the center. For some reason, my friend and I had never been so offended! We stared at this foreign thing in my living room until he felt awkward and left. The rest of the night was spent going from room to room experiencing the different "worlds" that existed in each. My kitchen walls are covered with fruit and vine wallpaper which swayed to the music. My brothers room was a circus, decorated with bright colors adn mobiles. toys all over the place! they spun and moved like a keleidascope. faces were also very interesting. my friends eyes were glowing green and pulsating, it was not scary at all though. we also had maskes from a party we went to which we decided to put on for the rest of the night. I cannot really begin to describe a majority of the images that i saw.

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