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My worst ever mushroom moment

This trip happened 10 years ago but i thought i would share it with you as it has stuck in my mind like it was yesterday.

This trip happened 10 years ago but i thought i would share it with you as it has stuck in my mind like it was yesterday.
I was with two of my close friends at that time, living in the north of england the magic mushrooms to pick are liberty caps and on one saturday day in september we had been picking hundreds and hundreds of them.
All 3 of us only had mushrooms once before and a low dose at that, 15- 25 of them. A medium dose of liberty caps is considered 30 -50 around this area, depending on the size.
So that Saturday night around 6 'o clock, we met up down near a secluded field around the corner from my house and talked about how we wanted to see proper hallucinations and get wasted, so we sat around under the trees counting them out till we got to about 200 mushrooms each and eventually got bored counting. They were large prime liberty caps. We began to chomp on them swilling it down with juice. all 200 + down the throat.I was in good mood and couldn't
We then went back along my street and sat around on a corner waiting to come up, 20 minutes later it started to kick in, we decided to walk around the streets as the misty, luminous patterned textures started to appear on the pavements and as the sun was setting, a strange live electrical feeling was all around me like someone had flicked a switch to ON .
At least another 30- 50 minutes had past and by now we couldn't handle seeing or being around other sober people and ended up on a canal bridge, back near the field where we originally ate them , tripping our balls off. As time went on I looked at one of my friends face and it was just....wrong - it was mangled , my brain couldn't recognize shapes and put them together, his eyes were the wrong way around and every time we tried to speak we couldn't spit a sentence out without completely fucking it up. We giggled like insane children and nothing was making sense, i felt like i was pissing in my pants and a really strange sensation that my jaw was missing- , also my fingers felt like there was snot hanging off them. Everything else around me felt slimy.
People then started walking there dogs( which had loads of trails flying off its legs ) at what seemed like a stupid time of night, passing us on the bridge. It was too much when we saw a girl we knew and her boyfriend going for a stroll ,we all became paranoid and thought that they knew we were tripping. I suggested apologizing when they walk back . When my friends asked what should we apologizing for? i said because we are tripping. It sounded so stupid that we just lost it laughing in what seemed like a normal then speed ed up hyper laughter. Things seemed to go even crazier and intense after a good laughing fit, and the visuals were getting stronger and the whole bridge looked as though it was breathing and had mist and water rolling off it stronger than ever before.

We ended up moving because things on the bridge were getting too weird and headed up the road to the shop, by this time we couldn't speak properly, none of it was making any sense. Everything seemed ridiculous and i felt very silly. I waited outside as my two friends went in the shop, i couldn't believe they were up to the task of handling money and buying goods, i certainly couldn't, i just stood outside feeling like i was some sort of criminal for being on mushrooms.
Then the worst thing happened, i saw my dad's car coming up the road- i knew he was coming to the shop. I quickly dashed into the alley behind the shop, i started to freak out, then i heard my dad's car door slam and him snarl '' WHERE IS HE???'' of course it wouldn't of been in the nasty way which i imagined it but when i thought at that moment about how fucked up my mates were sounding before, that the game was up- my dad was gonna find out i was taking mushrooms and we were all tripping.I was convinced my friends would garble something stupid, i didn't hear their reply. Instead It felt at that moment like someone had flipped the switch for an elevator to send me into the depths of hell. It was nothing but a downer time for me.

I sat in the alley in darkness peaking on my mushrooms, looking around i could see a car parked in the alley right near me. i looked at it and none of the parts were assembled in the right place, the bumper, wheels and windows didn't fit together. All logic was gone and i was getting scared, my brain couldn't piece things together. The trip just felt like like it was getting more and more powerful, eating me up. I thought yeah, this is it I'm losing my mind, game over. I've overdosed. i could see the local paper headlines - local boy hallucinogenic drug overdose, this thought played over that i was overdosing and that my brain was close to snapping in half.
I stared at a brick wall in front of me, it was just a mass of spirals, vortexes, wire grids and luminous fuzz, then as i held my hands up to my face lying on the floor i thought i could feel the oils pouring out of my skin and that i was turning into a melting blob, kinda like a candle. This went on for what felt like an eternity, seems funny looking back that i genuinely thought i was melting and dripping but at the time it was far from funny.
The Next thing i remember was that I'm looking up being wheeled along in hospital with my dad and his girlfriend looking down at me worried to hell, screaming '' why did he do it?, why? My mind was telling me I'd been found and rushed into hospital overdosing. All my thoughts and sense where blending into one. i didn't know where in time and space i was and it was getting more alien like as i could feel and see stranger shapes and luminous colors, it felt like i belonged to some world of slime and fungus. I kept seeing liberty caps lined up in front of me as i presume my eyes was shut ,they were intimidating me with a '' you shouldn't fuck with us'' vibe coming off them. i agreed with them.

I kinda snapped out the melting feeling for a moment and heard footsteps, i never felt so scared in my life, i looked down in the darkness and could see 3 pairs of feet stood around me, i could hear them whispering around me, saying things like '' look at him, he's fucked up'' i felt them spitting onto my head sensing they were all looking at me like some tragic overdosing fuck up. i suddenly got the courage to look up- nothing, no one was there.
I really wanted this to end now, it was well past being a 'good' buzz and a 'laugh'. i don't really remember how much longer i was there, but i just heard a'' where the fuck is he?'', i looked to my left and saw a warped outline of my friends in the dark. I said something and they came over to me, saying they saw my dad at the shop and basically everything was cool.- we hadn't been busted, but in my frame of mind nothing was cool.
They eventually picked me up and had to hold me upright to walk for some reason, looking back at that moment i wish i could've lifted myself out of the bad trip i was having because the mind blending was easing off a little, but they took me too my house and lied me down on my bed. they left me to it.

My bedroom had transformed into this breathing melting mess. The moonlight shone through my room onto my wardrobe and other objects, i stared at them in the darkness, i could see they were all the wrong sizes and were dribbling and sliding around in the dark. what a mess i thought.
I saw all kinds of weird things as a tried to get my body to shut down and get to sleep, things that i couldn't possibly describe. seemed like my brain knew the fabric of what made up the universe, 3d grids flying through space and time and other mish mash of things.It was a damn scary night and in the end i got what i deserved.

The strange thing is i can remember all of this, some people must think how could you remember if you was so mashed?. It's like you're brain has some kind of camera lurking in the background, amongst all of this madness , recording things. You know what you saw at the time, but words can't describe the true depth of what was going on during the trip.

As i reflect on this 10 years on, i see a stupid kid who had no respect and was totally naive towards the power of mushrooms. I thought it was all about getting a free high out of the ground, and getting twatted out of my skull on a Friday or Saturday night without thought, it took me to hell and back to realize how wrong i was. Have respect for these powerful drugs and you're own mind, body and soul.....Take care people

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