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My Trip Snuck Up

MY TRIP ON SHROOMS For me, Saturday, August 14th started as any other day would.


For me, Saturday, August 14th started as any other day would. I went to my friend’s, Bryan’s, house who happens to live next door. As it was one o’clock, I was still a little tired until I smoked a few bowls with him. I was happy to be high but I knew I would have to be sober in a matter of hours to go to work. I was kinda depressed that I had to go to work too, for I had worked everyday that week. That’s why, when plans came up to go with Bryan with a few friends to upstate CT to a pond in the middle of nowhere with a rope swing, I jumped on em. After being invited, I went to my house to call out of work. I claimed I had a tick bight and am under heavy antibiotics (it’s a good one) I returned to Bryan’s, not telling him that I had to call out in order to go, and we smoked some more. I got even more psyched about going cuz we were going to try to get some dust and roll a dust blunt…just to note, I rarely smoke dust, its an occasion when I do…well anyway, to go on with the story, I soon found out that we weren’t going to go because of the rain that started.
Since I had already called out, I wanted to take advantage of their acceptance of my “sickness.” That’s when I made plans to go to a nearby billiard. It’s not a very large billiard but it’s a cool place to hang out. (Many drug deals go through there) I went there around 4 or 5 with a friend named Gary to play some pool (high) and then hang out. After we had finished three racks, Gary decided he would leave. I stayed there and hung out with some people. The usual night took place, soon dealers, not to mention myself, were offering pot, shrooms, e, and coke. I heard the offer for e and that’s how I ended up selling my share of weed (even made good profit) Well, I had finally got 25 dollars to get the e but then, of course, I found out that all the e was sold.
Shortly after this a friend mentioned that he wants to get an 1/8 of shrooms but didn’t have enough money. He then asked if I wanted to split a bag with him. (I would have gotten a whole 1/8 if I had the $$) I agreed with him because I knew for a fact that I would trip with half an eighth. I had tried shrooms before but I didn’t take enough. All that happened was it felt like I was incredibly high. I had no idea what I was about to get into. He gave his $15 and I put it with mine and gave it to the person that had the connection. An hour later, I found myself still waiting for the person to come back. I was very patient for I was as high as hell by that time (a friend sparked another joint.) Soon after the joint, I was confronted with the “eighth.” The bag looked very sketchy, as it wasn’t much shrooms at all. Thinking that someone was trying to rip me off I took action and not only asked people if they thought it was an eight but I almost got in a fight over them. Then, a friend I happened to know that he would know if they were bogus or not drove in the parking lot.
I asked him what he thought and he said that he never saw that kind before but insured me that they would have me and my friend tripping. For the first moment after about a half-hour of worrying if they were fake I felt relieved. Around 11, this same friend offered me a ride home after I divided the bag in two. I arrived home at about 11:15 and was kinda depressed when I saw Bryan wasn’t home for I didn’t want to trip alone. Decided that I would wait a bit before I ate them, and I would sneak out around 12:15 through the basement hatch door (like I do a lot) I decided I would take the shrooms around 12 to avoid walking through the dark basement (I couldn’t leave any lights on) For the time Being I decided I would try to get some info on my little shroomies. I logged on AOL, and went to www.shroomery.org. I browsed though some photos but I didn’t find my shrooms. I then looked at some trip reports (where I got the idea to write this) and started looking forward to my trip. At about 15 of 12, Bryan’s lights were on, I called him on the phone, told him that I was going to eat some shrooms and go over there. At 12, I rushed downstairs quietly and left my house through the hatch door. I was off to Brian’s…oh yah, just a little back info on him, he’s 20, mad chill, throws a lot of parties, and his parents don’t mind…so going there at that time was no big deal) I went in his room and began to explain the night to him and a couple of friends that were already there, one staying for the night. I then explained that I had a joint but I was not going to smoke it for a little bit…Bryan then informed and showed me a pile of his own and claimed they were all dusted. Jealous, I was, but they had there turn coming I said to myself and waited patiently for the shrooms to effect me.
Well, needless to say an hour and a half later, I began to feel pretty stupid because it was appearing that I had been ripped off. That’s when I sparked my joint and began to enjoy the night. About 20 minutes after that I began to feel a little weird and collorations were a little off, especially my skin pigments. This is when I began to regain some hope in them. I then began to focus on certain things, kinda like I was “forcing myself to trip.” (Forcing wasn’t needed after 5 min to say the least.) Soon, I achieved a numb feeling throughout my body, sounds were changing pitch, and a light show soon started. I sat for the first 5 minutes of tripping in awe that I felt this well. The shrooms had endless effects on me for five hours. One of the first visual effects was a strobe light effect in Bryan’s room, I loved this one. It started to feel like I was watching over everyone (like a k-hole) and I was loving it. The air, temperature, humidity, and feeling of the air began to change as well. The world seemed like it was dry, an empty of life, or as if we (Bryan, Chris, and I) were the only ones alive.
Soon, it was suggested by Bryan to go downstairs and get some food. I wasn’t up to eating anything, although I wasn’t nocuous, I was just enjoying my trip too much. I sat at the wood table mesmerized by the designs I was seeing in the grains in the wood. I would see faces, eyes (not like in the stoned age, but I a defined eye that stared at me.) in everything I would look at…couched, tables, animals, curtains, walls, clothes, etc. I always thought that would scare me but I was completely at ease about it, and the world seemed peaceful. The cat’s faces (Bryan’s family has 4 or 5) also morphed into a humans face, sometimes even resembling a monkey or something of the sort. This is when I focused full attention on the kitchen window. I gazed into the window as I hallucinated water on the other side (it appeared as I was staring into an aquarium) and mermaids would swim, so detailed that I couldn’t believe it. I watched them as they would glide through the water fixing their hair and air bubbles would soon start to depart from their mouths. The 2nd stage of this particular window were the mermaids morphing into silhouettes of mushrooms, as they stretched and moved about fluidly. The 3rd stage was the shrooms go into a larva stage or something where I watched the larva (which was fairly small) expand and contract with each breath I took. This is when they started “hatching” (not all at once) the black casing that was around it would decay into moths. At this point I actually asked Chris if there was moths on the window because I wanted to know If I was right in thinking they were moths all along and my mind was just playing with it. When he informed me that there wasn’t I felt this deep almost pain in my heart from reality setting in. I could no longer do anything to stop tripping like I could before. I would close my eyes, and patters would transform into objects, into hallways, into people and back into patterns. As I opened my eyes and looked back at the windows the moths that were crawling around the window, trying to get in, all flew away the same instant. As I had been smoking ciggs all night, I was enjoying them more than ever at this point in the trip (about an hour into it) when I would take a drag, before taking the smoke that was in my mouth and inhaling it, I would feel this soothing pressure against my upper lip which made the smoking SOOOO addictive as well as the smoke I breathed out would not only take on sprit type things but would feel coolness (temperature-wise) coming out of my mouth. Although time was passing by slowly, it soon (quicker than I wanted it to), became around 4 in the morning and Bryan and Chris wanted to go to sleep. Acknowledging that but also the fact that I cannot smoke in my house (that is without using my bathroom window) I stumbled upon his back porch and chain-smoked a few more. As the animals (his dog, and a few cats began to surround me, I quickly grew more and more paranoid as it was pitch black out and raining. As I felt my heart rate heavily increase and I believed for a short time that I was going to die, for I had a fear of shrooms doing that (after all, it is poison that makes u trip, could make u die too). After recovering from what I thought was a near death experience, I picked some pace up now, and tried not to look at anything including the trees that seemed like they were swaying to the non existent wind. This is when my mind starting taking the trip into the next level. Now, the uncut wet grass became a vast amount of organs that squished between my toes, as I had no proof that it wasn’t happening I just assured myself it wasn’t, this, though killing the trip a little, it helped. This is the point where I put my hand on the latch door, ready to open it when I realized, I had no flashlight, no lighter, not even one match to guide me threw the unlit basement while I was tripping. This is when I returned to Bryan’s, (upon entering, around the frame of the door had that green type mold that u can find on rocks in streams) hoping to god as I entered that he had some way of lighting the basement without having to “feel it out.” I panicked upon hearing he couldn’t help me, I decided I would just go in my back door, and then go into the basement with the lights on (switch near stairs) and lock the hatch door back up. Before I attempted this, I decided that this stress called for a cigarette. As I deeply enjoyed another cigarette It is this part in my trip where one of the cats had came up to me, as this particular one does often. As it got about 2 feet from me and began to closing in the cat had jumped away and ran. I began to feel this weird aura to me, like a demonic spirit was in me, the world at this point seemed so different, like another planet. This is when my mind started to race thinking why the cat would do it, as I closed my eyes I recalled in movies where animals can sense evil and I was convinced the cat knew that I was not normal. Still pondering upon why it would run, I thought my appearance (sounds stupid) had scared it, in a eerie sense, as I then visualized with my eyes closed, my face deteriorating. I was really beginning to look forward to being in my room, where I knew I could continue good tripping for another few hours. This is when I heard my stepfather scream my name from the porch. This wouldn’t have been my first audible hallucination except for the fact that it was real, and I knew I was in deep shi*. As he demanded I get my ass over there, I do so trying not to stumble or find myself hallucinating. As I followed him inside, with a faster pulse rate then I ever imagined I could have, he yelled at me, swearing and threatening for what seemed like infinity, as I stared at him, his body became blood red, his eyes shrunk, and his teeth began to grow longer and sharper. I felt like I had to prevent going insane right then, everything was insanely abnormal, like I was peaking right then, as I screamed and swore back I tried to tell him that I only when out for a cigarette. I’m still not sure if he was sure of himself but he claimed he knew I was out for more than that, I stuck to my story, afraid of changing it at this point, I just wanted to be in my room. After this, I traveled up my back stairway from the kitchen that would normally only take a second to run up. I ran around and up those stairs for what seemed like moments upon moments. When I entered my room and locked my door, I turned on my light, and was shocked when I was mearly blinded by it. This is the first time in my trip when I recalled that your pupils dilate with shrooms as well as ecstasy. This is when I had first looked in a mirror as well. My pupils consumed all but a thin line them of the other part of my eyes. I was relieved to not being confronted with another deteriorating face, especially my own. After all that had occurred before I entered my room, I still felt incredibly good, and was determined that I was not only going to not have to worry but that I also would continue my trip, and take advantage and keep it good. At that point I had a lot of respect in myself. Considering what had happened, then thinking “the hell with it, life goes on, now I wanna enjoy the rest of this trip” was pretty much how I felt. It was at this point I had finally experienced the classic trip that I've actually heard about. As I studied my room, it not only seemed much larger and brighter but the walls would bend and give way to my presence. As I would walk towards it, they would bend inward, yet again, giving me a feeling of unnatural power, somewhat like there was an orbit around me. I then looked at the comforters on my bed (I like to crank the AC and use a lot of blankets) they, being just thrown there and being wavy like began to move and fluctuate. As I then stood in the middle of my room I got an aura like I was in a horror movie and I could hear the wind as it whistled through what felt like this was an abandoned house (prob. cuz its 200 years old) As I was becoming exhausted at this point, I laid down on my bed still observing my room. It was at this point I developed some paranoia and my mouth became very dry. Afraid of noises I have been hearing on the other portion of my room (my room is split in by a wall) but more scared that I could do damage to myself if I didn’t consume any water I turned my TV hoping to find a soothing comedy to bring me into a better state of mind. As I was flipping through the channels, I couldn’t find one that set my mind at ease. Every person would seem like they are talking directly to me, and everyone, even young actors had creases like wrinkles in their faces. This is when I decided to play the stoned age (my new classic) that was already in my VCR. This, being somewhat comforting, gave me enough strength to walk on what felt like a beach to my floor. I then rushed back to my bed where I soon fell asleep.
I think what made this trip so intense were not only the fact that I believe those shrooms were very potent, but also the notion I had when I took them and for the time I waited for them to kick in. When it did, it was the most intense thing that I’ve ever felt in my life. I probably would have never written this if it wasn’t for getting cought, hell, I wouldn’t be grounded right now. This weekend I hope to get a friend here, and we’ll get an eigth.

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