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My trip report

Let me start off by saying that I dont remember everything that happened lastnight/this morning.

Let me start off by saying that I dont remember everything that happened lastnight/this morning. But, here is what I do remember! Me and my husband decided to try them out since I had grown them. So, I went to the store and got some frozen strawberries, pineapple juice, and whip cream. Already had gin and ice. I have been reading about different dosages and how they mightmake you feel. So since it was 2 of us I went with 28 grams. Let me just say that was a horrible mistake. Anywho. I put everything in the blender. We sat and enjoyed the drink, it was very good you could not taste the shrooms at all but, you did get a little buzz off of the gin. Not long after I had finished mines my hubby asked me how much of his did he have to drink cause, he is not really a drinker. He enjoys bud. I told him to just drink half of it and he should get a real nice high. I hit his blunt cause I was feeling a little on the sick side. He taped some glow sticks to the ceiling fan for me and put it on very low speed. All the light were off and then the room started to do some weird things ( it changed colors the texture of the walls changed and swirled it was very nice ) I turned on natural born killers and laid in bed and started watching it by now my hubby had downed the entire tumbler of the drink. I had only dranked 2/3s of mines and I was having a nice time as far as my eyes were concerned. He went into the living room and listened to music for awhile I went out to check on him and he said that he was alright. About half way through the movie he came in and laid down next to me and said that he did not like the way this was making him feel, how long was it going to last and then he started fucking with me making noises and hitting with a pillow. I kicked him out of the room. Well I dont want to get to into all of the things that happened that I remember but, he started talking in tongue literally saying crap that made absolutely no since. He was hitting his chest and slapping himself in the face and banging on the wall. I thought that he was losing his mind. I almost called his mom a few times but, then when I turned on the light crap started swimming and there was stuff crawling on the wall so, I had to go back and lay down. That did not help at all. I started seeing bad stuff, really bad. The devil came and told me that I had killed my husband and that he would be waiting for me. Then I had to drag myself out of the bed again to see if he was alright. He was in the kitchen naked sitting by the back door ( door was wide open )Crap was still crawling on the wall but, this time they were the size of small cats. I went to the door and closed and locked it. went to the front door and took the key out of the door but, the back door has one of them locks that you turn that doesn't have a key. So, I had to get him to come into the bedroom. But, once he was in there he started tripping again so, I left the room and turned off all the light and went through my own crap for a while. ( We dranked our drinks around 11:00pm. I last looked at the clock at 1:22am. Next thing it was 4:00am and he was in the bathroom in the tub with the shower on )He started going crazy in there he was hitting himself in the head and face with a full can of soda. I told him to stop and he threw it at me. suffice it to say I rran in the room and locked the door. I was still tripping heavily too. He was very upset with me cause I had grew the thing that he thought was killing him. he wanted me to call 911 I took the phone and hid it. He yelled that he wouldn't hurt me so, I went in the bathroom with him and tried to help him as much as I could. I got him to the point were he had stopped hitting himself and got him to put some clothes on. We both tripped hard for awhile longer then decided that maybe some fresh air might help. So, we went into the back yard and sat there and looked up for about an hour. That really really helped calm us both down. I might have glossed over a few things. Like when I threw up for about 5 minutes. Thats what really might have sobered my hubby up cause later when we were outside he say that he thought that I was dying. To be honest even though I have read that you cant overdose on shroom I really did think that I was dying. But, anywho. We sat outside and talked about our relationship and our love life and all of the things that we had done within the 8 years that we have been married. We have had a few problems but, many people whom are married now adays and got married when they were only 18 do sometime lose sight of why they got married. I must say that although last night seemed like the end, it may actually have helped us out a great deal. The high lasted a few more hours and we decided that it was best to go inside and get some sleep. We are just so lucky that our nearest neighbor is about a mile or so away or we would have ended up in jail last night after they had pumped our stomachs. 14 grams a piece is not a good dosage. I am very happy to be alive and I dont know if I will ever try shrooms again but, it was very interesting. It started off great and ended even better. But, the middle no one should ever go through. I know that there is a hell now and I think that I will do everything in my power not to end up there. It is great to be alive and sober!

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