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My Thrid Eye

This report does not directly describe the trip itself, but describes what I have seen and learned from it.

This report does not directly describe the trip itself, but describes what I have seen and learned from it. Enjoy!

My trip took place at a friends house on 9-7-02.
There were five of us who enjoyed a trip that night.

Dose: 3.7 grams dried Psilocybe cubensis with some O.J.

I have pried open my third eye. I have seen what is right in front of your nose. It is there, just like anything else. The trees outside, the clouds, the rain, the wind. There is no difference. I have experianced pure heaven and pure hell. Now that I look back on it, it seems so far away, yet so close to my heart. It is there. I can feel it. Not like any other sense, not smell, not taste, not sight, not sound nor touch. It is a part of me, conected to me, touching me, and shaping me. It's not like an arm or leg or heart or lungs. It is hard to distinguish whether it's a part of me or if I'm a part of it. After that night I am not the same. Nothing has been takin away from me, but added. One plus One could relatively describe this knowledge. It is like puzzle pieces have been added to give me a better look.
When something is a blurr when first looked at, it is hard to recognise what it is. If the object has been seen before, then it is easier to guess, but if it has never been seen before, you can only wait and learn from it as it becomes more and more clearer. My third eye yet needs more to develope, so this vission that has been givin to me can become clearer. The moment I see this vision clearly is the moment I am waiting for. For this is the ultimate moment. Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing. I don't worry about the changes, for I have experianced minnimal changes already and they have only improved me as a living being.
I see things I could never see before, and this helps me to experiance them in different ways. Experiances can be described in many ways, and experianced in different ways. But what I have experianced is undescribable in language, verbally or physically. Art in the visual form is the only way it can even begin to scratch the surface. The only way to truely know is to experiance it yourself, but you must be willing, and open to all possibilities. the only tip I can give, is to Let Go. The path is there, it is your choice to take it. Things aren't always what they seem to be. It is a beautiful thing.

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