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My Song

I went over to my buddy's house as usual, to do the "hang" ya know.

I went over to my buddy's house as usual, to do the "hang" ya know....Anyway, I can't remember if we were planning to trip, or the occassion just presented itself, but anyway, we took some shrooms. We were already getting really high, and I started getting a little iffy. (I had already taken them)

I had been carrying around a good bit of tension and had been avoiding dealing with it. I meditate and watch myself, so I knew what was going on, but I didn't know that (as usually happens with these things/conditionings) that it was going to choose this particular moment to come up.

Then next thing I knew, I was laying on the ground with a tremendous split going on inside me. There was great darkness, but underneath it was a little singing voice that was just melodiously cooing, "Ahh Ahhh Ahhhh..." as if lightly tapping me on the shoulder with love flowing humor.

I remained on the ground trying to decide which way to choose...am I the darkness or the joy? The loving song continued and ever more acceptingly I went with the freedom of joy, and soon it started to overwhelm me. My buddy sat and watched me show love for his dogs, and then to their bone which was lying on the ground beside me! I was just pulsing love indiscriminately.

My whole body was being cleansed. My lungs threw open and glorious breathing filled my whole inside. It was as if I was being yawned by God. Cleansed by the vibration of existence coming forth as music from my soul.

I continued to sing this song louder and louder as it was my whole being resonating - actually living this music. It was my song! I just kept screaming and wildly singing for the simple joy of being alive.

It seemed as if existence was raining down on me. As I continued to resonate like a hollow bamboo, literally the harmonic series, I started to see what I now believe to be the astral plane.

Inside as the song wailed, I could see what appeared and at the same time spoke to my heart as the spirit of the earth overflowing endlessly with celebration. It was smooth and liquid, with many colors. There were obviously trees and many more living things. All the while the world inside blossomed and the music continued.

Then I started wondering if I was going to sing forever. I saw everyone I have known, both friend and those to whom I am not particularly inclined, pass before my inner vision. It was not exactly them, but a representation of them in a more abstract way, correlating with the plane I was operating in.

All of the people were no longer the EGOs that I normally associated them with. They were all simply part of the game to bring me to this point. I felt as if they were all coming to join the celebration of my spiritual realizations.

The life force of the Universe, the same energy that beats my heart and breathes me was manifesting effortlessly through me. I was the creating. As Osho says creativity itself.

After a while I stepped outside and it looked like a tornado was going to drop on our house anytime! I grabbed the dogs (mine at the time/ and my buddy's). Mine had run a good distance away and I was seriously scared that a tornado was going to hit, so I picked him up in my arms, realizing too late that the dog was taking a shit! I had dog poop smeared all over my hands, but I didn't particularly care....

My buddy and I decided to go back out and watch the storm. We did this for awhile and then went in and listened to jazz music.....

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