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My Shroom Virginity (long)

I just wanted to share my insane experience with psychadellic 'shroomies.

I just wanted to share my insane experience with psychadellic 'shroomies.

I wanted to do them for so long, all I heard was how good they are, and how safe they are. So my friend had an eighth so I floped down 15 bucks for 1/2. I took them around midnight, we ate them with chocolate syrup. Now... Here is some information about my settings...

I was with many people... (Names aren't going to be posted)
DH- My shrooming partner.
EB- A kid I had never met, who was doing DXM (Tussin)
EWM- funny kid, also on DXM
EM- He was the refaree, not doing anything, a good friend of mine.
V- Did a hit of acid that didn't affect him.

So, that's all fine and dandy (I though)

Setting- I was locked up in a appartment bedroom, but I was allowed in the bathroom. His parents where home, his dad wouldn't care but his mom would. Also, there was a puppy their earlier (Comes into play later)

Now that you are all set up on where I am... lets start with my shroom trip. ^^

After about 15 minuets... I was starting to trip.
My trip started in my back, it was creeping on me. My spine felt like a snake, shifting and sliding, almost unpleasant. I was laying on a matress and soon I was in my own little world.

My Adventures-

My first adventure was into the bathroom... This is where we smoked our ciggarettes, me and DH. It was trippy as hell, we shut the lights off, and there was mirrors allover, so the hot of the rett reflected everywhere leaving you in space. All you saw was stars all around. This is where I did all my mental recollecting, and thinking. DH was like my guiding voice. I started to think eveyone was voices in my head, my ego was completly gone within an hour.

Second, I went back out. This is when I sat in the corner and talked to myself for lord knows how long. I just sat there, talking, all huddled up in a ball. Eveyone left me alone for a long time, however, when people did start to talk to me, my good trip started to shift. I had a medium trip, not bad, not good.

Third, I made a friend with the person on the other side of the mirror, on my second cigarette, they where like candy. DH finnaly told me I was talking to my reflection.

Now the fun begins...
On the fourth plateu I was playing with an incence, the lights have been on this whole time. I was holding it, the grittyness feeling good in my hands. Then, I looked down, the carpet was tan, and the grit was on my hands. I was in a memory of when I was a child playing in the sand on the beach filtering twigs out of it on a camping trip. It was insane, reliving the moment, almost too much. I started to breaks and destroy the incence and then rapidly meshed it on the floor. It was insane, patterens, numbers, shapes and figures came out of the fragments and exploded in my eyes. They finnaly had to pull me away because I got so excited.

Another cigarette break to calm me down.
This is when the reasoning kicked in. You know the point where you feel perfect and descover the meaning of life. Well, I was dwelling on a einstein quote that says "Are you crazy, or are all of them crazy?" bad quote... I looked at DH and said "I'm Crazy.." Then finished my ciggarette and walked back out into the room.

Now... I had found a small cardboard tab on the floor, from toys in the grocerystore, where they hang them on the wracks. Dont know the name... But I was twirling it in my fingers and fireworks started exploding out of it so a dashed away from it with awe. Somehow... I was in the middle of the room with a lacross stick...

They started to mess with me...

"You're in the water! Quick get out!"
I took that lacross stick and rowed like I never rowed befor.
"You're ganna drown, Quick!"
I held my breath cralwing to the matress.

DH saved me, or so he though.
He put his IPod headphones on me, only to hear "Brain Damage" by Pink Floyd.
... Not a good song to give someone tripping.

EM started to mess with me the worst.
"You killed my puppy!"
"I did?"
"Yeah, you though it off the belcony you bastard."
"Oh no.."
... THis was the worst part of my trip...
This is when I went insane. (Look up the lyrics to that song, and you will understand)
I was saying things like:
"I want to tear my skin off, and tear my toung out."
"I want to eat the cold flesh of the dead puppy."
It was weird.

After the delema, I listened to the IPod some more.
I listened to "Comfertably Numb" by Pink Floyd. (I'm a huge Floyd fan.)
"Hey, Kill EWM!"
"Yeah... Kill.."
And so, I picked up my trusty lacross stick, and walked over to him.
He was cracking up, he thought I was beeing hillarious.
Untill I punched him in the face twice and started beating the shit out of him with the lacross stick. V, and DH pulled me off him and dragged me back to have a ciggarette. DH set me straight, and my trip mellowed out. V snuck me out into the kitchen and got me a pickle.

So, I sat back in the same corner I talked to myself in earlier, it was late now, time wasn't a concern to me anymore however. It took me, what felt like an hour to eat the pickle... I kept forgetting I had it, or had a peice in my mouth. When I did finish it I was soaked...

After drying off, I had another ciggarette.
(These may not seem important to you, but when I was tripping these are what sent me to my plateus.)

EW, despite my atempt of murder, snuck me back into the bathroom, and coaxed me into smoking a bowl of weed.

When I returned to the bedroom... The window, with thoes curtains that are just white strips of cloth that you slide to the side with the small pulley. Well, it turned into a giant mouth with eyes trying to eat me, so I didn't go near it. And the trees kept coming into the windows.

For a while I dont remeber what happened, I remeber most of it. My bad trip was finnaly gone.. I was back on a good one.

Near the end I got a case of the giggles, laughing hysterically for up to 20 minuets on end... because the toilet broke. It was hillarious for some reason.
This part would take a post and a half to describe, but it was funny.

And then, while coming down, V talked to me untill I finnaly fell asleep.

That was my crazy night...
O.o; And i've done shrooms once since then, and doing them again soon! W00t!

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