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My second level 5

I can't possibly remember all the aspects of this particular trip, but i'll try to do my best.

I can't possibly remember all the aspects of this particular trip, but i'll try to do my best.

Parked in front of my 'shroom supplier's house i received 9 beautiful psychedelic grams of cubensis. We made small talk for a bit (there were three of us there. Me, J, and S) while i chewed down 2g, and J had about the same. We started back to the town J and I live in (20 min drive) and i decided 2 wouldn't do at all, so i held out my hand and instructed J to fill it with as many shrooms as he thought I'd need. I munched the extra 3g and he had a couple more and before i knew it we were almost home. I dropped J off at another friend's place, telling him i'd like to experience this trip alone. By this time I was starting to feel very anxious and couldnt help but burst out laughing more than a few times. Driving would definately be a bad idea, so instead of going home (i like to trip in my room) i parked the car at a pretty big forested park and went for a little walk. It was about 8pm and getting dark. I was starting to see a colorful mosaic-like pattern over my entire field of view, and the trees to the left and right of me were moving in subtle yet unnatural ways. I made my way to a small creek and stopped at a bridge crossing it. I knew I was in for a pretty intense experience since i could rate it as almost a level 3 trip by now. I wandered around for a bit, and climbed up a moderately sized hill. I felt a tremendous burst of energy and ran half the way up. I lied down on a conveniently placed bench to catch my breath. Gazing up at the clear twilight sky I began to see large circular forms which for whatever reason reminded me of the city-sized alien craft from ID4. A few minutes passed, and i started to hear some children's voices; a quick scan of the hillside revealed two kids biking up the hill. This freaked me out sufficiently enough to decide to go on a bit of a hike. It was becoming quite dark by now, which always intensified my visual hallucinations, so I was becoming very excited as I made my way through some shoulder-height shrubbery. By now I had lost any comprehension of time and without a watch i told myself to not worry about it. I remember stumbling a few times before arriving at a large museum-type building. The purpose of the facility has always eluded me, but they had some bathrooms so i could check out my reflection in a mirror. I had viewed the trip as kind of unremarkable up to this point, so I decided to down my last 4g and let the cards fall as they may.
The only other people in the building were janitors and none of them seemed to speak any english, so i felt content hanging out in the washroom for a bit. At this point any noises i heard had a tinny, faraway sound to them. Every surface, including my hands, had colorful 2D patterns overlayed on them. The trip was definately one i could handle and i was getting bored of the museum, so i decided to go back to my car and listen to some music. I realized I had underestimated the hold the mushrooms had on me as I tried to leave the building. I distinctly remember almost pushing over a confused oriental man vacuuming the carpets. This struck me as terrifying so i fled out the opposite end of the building. Unfortunately, the terrain around this side didn't permit me to go back the way i had come, so i had to take a much longer detour. After carefully navigating some highway traffic I came to a deserted gravel road. At this point I had the distinct feeling I was an indian shaman on a vision quest. I kept thinking of eagles, too, for some reason. The vegitation at the sides of the road was swaying and melting in some very interesting ways, and kept becoming more and more pronounced. I convinced myself more than once I had gotten lost, but I forceably reminded myself I had taken this route many times and knew the way. I found this gravel road to be the happiest part of the trip. What I mean by this is that I felt truly at peace to the very core of my soul. I've never experienced anything so truly blissful in my life. At the end of this gravel road i came to an upper-middle class neighbourhood. The place was completely deserted, which striked me as unusual, but probably a good thing. All the houses had a very strange appearance. Nothing obviously hallucinatory like changing shape or color or anything, they just all looked like the scale was completely wrong. If a house wasn't too large, it was too small.
Another 15 minutes of walking brought me back to the car, where i relaxed and turned on the radio. I thought it was pretty cool Bob Dylan was on. The song (Knocking on Heaven's Door) definately didn't sound the same as I remembered it. The sounds were all twisted and the tone kept increasing and decreasing methodically. I thought it was pretty damn sweet, so i closed my eyes and was shown a beautiful patterned constantly moving psychedelic keliedescope of music. I found i was crying from the beauty of it, and the song was over far too soon.
At about this point I got the crazy notion it was getting late and i should get home. Not wanting to leave the car there, I made the stupid decision to drive. Yes, that's right, I drove home on 9g of shrooms. I was so dangerously close to peaking I can't believe I survived. (don't do this at home kids. i'm a trained professional)
Anyway, I got home in one piece and parked the car in the driveway. This struck me as bizarre, as I always park in the garage. Not wanting my parents to suspect my being inebriated I moved it into the garage. I snuck around the back and into my room. From this point on the trip became indescribeably breathtaking and absolutely without equal. Initially, after returning home I was in a very confused state. I could not decide on very simple things like what shirt to change into, or where to sit, so i forced myself to pick a damn shirt and just sit in front of the damn computer. I went to #shroomery and tried to converse, but found the exchange of ideas to be pointless and not worth the effort. I believed everyone was too pent up in unimportant things to give me the time of day. I tried listening to some mp3's, but found them all to be too frightening and overstimulating. Overall, I felt really wired and unable to concentrate on anything, so i turned the computer off and decided to draw. Perhaps it would calm me down and allow me to really appreciate the trip. For about half an hour I played with colors and shapes coming up with a very abstract, basically unfinished, very obviously drug induced picture. This was about the time i stared at a particular red section i had been coloring and suddenly it was comprised entirely of fractals. I could see the mathematical artwork in everything I looked at, even myself. It wasnt as if i *thought* everything was made of fractals, I actually saw the damn things in their infinite complexity everywhere I looked. This felt like a true epiphany, and i couldnt help but laugh at how obvious it felt to me at the time. As suddenly as they had appeared to me, they were gone and i felt a strange loss within me. I ignored the pastels and paper, deciding to just sit. I can't be sure how much time passed, nor did I care. I was in such a state of peace, i felt as if i had been meditating for hours. Staring at a pile of pastels strewn on the floor, I saw them melt away and merge with the carpet. I felt my whole body float slightly up, and slightly down, then further down until I felt as if i was underneath the ground but a piece of me could still see my room. It was one of the most bizarre feelings i've ever had. Then suddenly I was returned to my sitting posture, and i felt very spent. Lying down I turned on the lamp on my nighttable and stared at the lightbulb until my eyes adjusted to the brightness. I clearly recall not experiencing any discomfort I usually would if i were to stare intently at a bright light. It just felt right. The white light began to shift through the primary colors very subtly as a geodesic mist formed around the lamp. I suppose it was somewhat like tunnel-vision as i couldn't focus on anything but the lamp, the mist was blocking everything else. This was about the time i lost the sensation of breathing and any feeling connected with my body. I was just existing, nothing more, nothing less. I felt an overpowering sense of pointlessness in having a body. I wanted to leave my body, I wanted to leave all the physical inconveniences of having a material self, and be simply the idea of ME. Paridoxially enough, I also experienced that this was exactly the case. What i was wishing for was the truth, but I still wished that it was the truth. It made so much sense at the time, nothing else could have compared to the reality I felt it was.
I relished this feeling for what seemed like an eternity until I was returned to my bedroom. I can't clearly remember what happened after this, except the fact I fell asleep somewhere around 4am, still hallucinating vividly with closed eyes.
I always thought shrooms lasted 4-6 hours? Maybe my dosing a second time was the reason this trip lasted at least 8 hours.

Sorry if that was a bit long-winded, but the experience was so deep and multi-faceted I know I didn't even explain half of what happened. All I wish is that everyone can experience what I did and appreciate it for what it was :)

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