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My Own Wonderland(long, but descriptive)

I had taken shrooms twice before, but this time, it was a hundred times stronger.

I had taken shrooms twice before, but this time, it was a hundred times stronger. I went to my friends apartment with about 6 other people and we all decided to shroom. I ended up eating an 1/8 and a half, which was the most out of anybody there. The only trip sitter we had ended up drinking and getting really drunk which sucked later on in the night.

We ended up eating them at about 11:30pm and my friend put on Alice and Wonderland for us. After about 20 minutes I began to trip. For some reason while watching the movie, everyone in the movie was speaking a really weird language, except Alice. I was lying on the floor and I began to feel very wet. I later realized that I felt wet because it was the part in the movie where Alice is floating around in the water. While watching more of the movie, the colors began to become very vibrant, and the colors soon transferred into the room. We were watching the movie with the lights off, but he had a lava lamp going which made everything look really weird. I soon got up from the "soaking wet" floor and went to lay on the couch. When I was laying on the couch, it seemed to be at least 10 feet tall. I thought I was tripping really hard, but I had no clue that there was much more to come.

After we were bored with the movie we all decided to go outside and have a cigarette. When I walked outside and looked down the hallway it seemed to be a mile long. Once I reached the end of it, I told my drunk friend Brian to hurry up. He then tried to explain to me that he had just stepped outside, I was starting to become very confused. I then sat on the sidewalk and he asked me how I was feeling, I tried to explain, but of course I couldnt. I then looked out at the street and the cars in front of the apartment, and everything was in black and white, nothing had any color. Soon after witnessing this, my other friend Brandon who was tripping about as hard as I was asked me if I wanted to go on an adventure. We then began to walk around the apartment complex, and all the trees and plants started to grow at a rapid rate. We then found some steps to sit down on, and we took a break. We were sitting on the steps for a couple minutes when a man approached us wearing an orange shirt and blowing up and orange balloon. After he walked past us, we could hear his footsteps just keep going and going, it seemed like he was walking forever. I know this man was real cause he asked my friend and I how we were doing. Seeing this man really freaked both of us out. How would you react seeing a man with an orange balloon at 1:30am while on shroom, lol.

We then went back into his apartment and I went to go and lay down in the corner. It felt like I was 8 feet tall in the corner, and I looked around the room and everything looked so far away. My drunk friend Brian was really freaking everybody out, he was being a real asshole that night. He kept telling me that I ahd called all these people and said that I said all this weird shit to my mom and dad, and that really scared me. He also kept making scaring faces at everyone, and then everyone began to have a bad trip. As I was laying in my corner I grabbed my phone to try and see if I had called anyone. I couldnt figure out if I had, cause all the numbers and names just blended together. I just wanted everything to stop. While I was looking at my phone I noticed that the picture on my background of baseball players began to play catch with eachother which was really fun to watch, and it almost brought me out of my bad trip. But soon I fell back into it. Everyone was talking so loud and my brain was just thinking about so many things and I couldnt comprehend anything, I just wanted everyone to shut up. Soon after I just lost it and I began to cry. I dont know why I was crying, but I think it was because nothing made any sense. And then I began to cry even harder because I didnt understand why I was crying. My friends tried to calm me down and they brought me some water. The water tasted so good, and i could see the ice cubes in the cup begin to melt right in front of my eyes.

It is now about 2:30 and I finally begin to calm down. Everything seemed better again and I was happy again, but I was still tripping. I finally gained my sense of reality back. I took a look at my hands and they were changing colors and I could see the blood running through my veins in my ahnds and arms. I could also see every single hair on my arm begin to grow. When I went to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and my face was just morphing into so many shapes and there were veins all over my face.

Now at about 3:30 everything calmed down and I was finally back to normal. I was really freaked out that it was never going to end. I learned a lot from that night, although it is very hard to explain what I learned. Something I can explain that I learned is that you definetly need a sober sitter, not an asshole drunk sitter. Hope you enjoyed my trip.

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