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My most enlightening experience

To begin, I guess I should say I'm not one to take drugs often simply because I don't feel the need.

To begin, I guess I should say I'm not one to take drugs often simply because I don't feel the need. But about a month ago, two friends and I thought it would be a good idea to try mushrooms, so we started putting together a plan to try them. The first step was researching shrooms to confirm our decision (like how to prepare and stuff). So sure enough, we planned a couple days on which we had nothing to do and a house all to ourselves. The day before we got everything ready, like buying the shrooms, preparing the house and cleaning it, buying food, etc., we also refrained from eating too much. As a final measure, we invited my friend's girlfriend to watch over us just in case.

So the next day it all started at around 5:00 PM since we wanted to experience the daylight and the backyard. I've heard about mixing it in tea, but we just ate them straight (to be honest, they kinda tasted like cardboard...). After we ate them all (a little more than 2 grams each) we sat down and tried to forget about them. It wasn't until 5:30-5:40 that I really started feeling weak.


This First Phase lasted about 40 minutes (until 6:20) and seemed like FOREVER. In a nutshell I felt extremely nauseated, but somehow kept control and didn't throw up. Basically I couldn't find a comfortably position and yet had to relax every part of my body. The other aspect of this was an almost introspective, psychological war with the drug. I'm not normally overwhelmed by drugs, but this effect was so potent that for a good 20 minutes I was attempting to control the drug. We also put on Team America to get our minds off of this crappy "transition" period.

The Second Phase was marked with excessive laughter, a slight sense of euphoria (a little different than ecstacy to be honest), and a transcendent understanding of everything around me. I felt completely comfortable and could have done ANYTHING, literally, and been happy. This stage lasted about 1.5 hours, around which time it started getting dark (it was 7:50 at this point). So before going outside, I took a quick bathroom break that was simply sensational. Honestly, people back in the day (c20,000 BCE) must have enjoyed it much like I did. Anyway, after this we all escaped to the backyard. (On a side note, I went through 2 liters of water by now and was amazed by how slow time was moving!)

The Third Phase was one of intellectual clarity. I had read that one should read up on philosophy and psychology to augment the experience, and it REALLY payed off here. As my two friends, my friend's girlfriend, and I all sat down, we just started philosophizing about everything. It was at this point that I really started wondering about all the stuff I'd heard. Firstly, I had hardly had any hallucinations, perhaps a few color alterations, but no more. Secondly, I was completely comfortable with spiders, which is crazy since I used to have a mad fear of them. The epiphany I experienced was that the sub-conscious mind is simply SO powerful, that it can, more or less, influence the environment around us. It's hard to explain, but I felt as if the human sub-conscious mind was so powerful that it's completely stupid to fear a spider. After sitting for a good 30 minutes, which seemed really long, we went back inside and listened to trance. (In addition, I was able to walk fine and didn't feel dizzy.)


The Last Phase was pretty much the same as the third in that we all talked, drank a lot of water, and REALLY got into the music. All in all the trip lasted a good 7-8 hours (since it took a good hour for the effects to wear off). I do know that after 7 hours (around 12:30) I still couldn't drive without a LOT of help since I had to move my car out of the driveway. It took three navigators and one driver (me) to pull it off...lol. All in all, I don't expect to do it again for a while simply because I only want to do it with specific people in a specific environment. My recommendations would be to have no worries and some outdoor place that's nice and private. Lastly, I like grass/weed a lot more simply because it's consistently dependable and controllable, whereas I would only do shrooms every 6 months maximum. Anyway, thanks for reading and I absolutely love this site! Infinite pleasure and love to all of you. (I guess the enlightenment came in my newfound ability to truly appreciate the world around me....)

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