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My light on the subject...

Me and my friends all decided it would be awsome to get some shrooms and trip finnally, after having dabbled with other herbal products.

Me and my friends all decided it would be awsome to get some shrooms and trip finnally, after having dabbled with other herbal products. I myself ate 2 and 3 quarter grams on a peanut butter sandwich. At first, i wasnt sure if it was just going to be a rip off life my previous deal... My god...
A shroom trip is indescribable to those who have not done it before. I lost all sences and normal thought functions. I was being recallibrated like first waking up from the Matrix
We walked up to the park having just finished our shares, and decided to lay down. While the others talked, me and my friend linked our emotions together, feeling the clouds and the sky absorb us. It was leeching on to us, and both of us shared the strong, invisible bond as the sky zapped me.
We then decided to talk with the rest of the group, one of my friends burrowing his head deep into the ground, talking to imaginary people..yeah, that was wierd...
For probobly 2 hours we sat at the park, dazed and confused, is all i can describe it. I had no idea what was going on, just immense emotions.
We then walked back to my friends house where i reached the real peak of my trip. As everyone went about their buisness, i started not being able to move and just be absorbed by the trip. Eventually my friend whose house it was started yelling how he wanted us out for no reason. We would have taken him seriously, but somehow his pants came off in the middle, and he was making demands at us by holding his manhood in his hand like a pointer.
So the rest of us went into town to the local pizza place to meet someone elses mom. In the car, my friend bonded with the other friends mom, which i thought was "sweet", but kind of awkward cuz i was on the sidelines trying to think of what was real or not.
So we get out of the car go hang out in her house, though out of the three of us remaining, i am the only one SERIOUSLY tripping. I was seeing double vision and still could not process normal thought patterns. I was esspecially freaking out because in one hour from then i was seeing a stand up special with Jon Stewart (yes, the one from the daily show)
I tried my best not to freak out completely drank a cup of milk and laughed my ass off with my parents at jon stewart
My overall opinion on the shrooms go like this. I defintaly enjoyed the expirience, and it was an awsome thing, but it was just too powerful for me. Wheter i mean that in a spiritual way or just physcicaly im not sure.

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