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mY LiFe @ HoTmAiL.cOm

It WaS oNe shIt NiGHt ThREe yEaRs AgO .

It WaS oNe shIt NiGHt ThREe yEaRs AgO ... i ReMeMbEr It cLeArlY THE ROLLie was sitting frimly on my lips as a ToOk aNoTHeR tOkE ... mY SUNdAy lUNCh fell OuT oF mY SChool BaG.. MY TONGUE Slipped out of my small mouth.. the ShRoOmS tAp DaNcE aLonG wiTH BLUE smOkE cLiMbIng thE WaY 2 My MoUth. It HaPPeNd THeY fELL deep deeP iNTo THe BlAcK HoLe WHiCh lAyS on mY FacE SUNDAy lUNcH as I CaLL It wAS TaKiNG A TrIP DoWn DaRK aLLey.. i sat mysteriously waiting FoR... THE TiMiNg PrEpArATiON...SsS To hAppEn .... toOk lIkE FoReVeR iNtIl fOreVer cAmE aNd ...... Bang pOp wHiStLe aNd CraCk DoN'T tAkE DrUgS KiDs

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