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My Journey to the Universal Nexus

I had attained 5g of pre-ground fungi from a friend and I had decided to take it all in one weekend.

I had attained 5g of pre-ground fungi from a friend and I had decided to take it all in one weekend. I had decided not to eat anything for the entire weekend until after all of it was consumed. The first half I prepared with some orange juice which isn't that great of an idea. You constantly have to stir the juice in order to keep it mixed. I had an interestingly intense feeling of floating after about an hour. Then I got lost inside of my own mind with racing thoughts, questioning existance and the meanings of things. The closed visuals were vivid, fractal like patterns mostly. Open eye visuals were mostly a blurring and swirling of objects in my room. I finally went to sleep about 6hrs later. The next night I went over to a friends house to spend the night. This time I put the ground fungi in a bottle with some fruit punch. This was much easier because all I had to do was put on the lid and shake to mix. I drank the whole concoction in about 2 mins. We proceeded into my friends room where I reclined on the bed. He thought it would be a good idea for me to listen to some Timothy Leary while on my journey. During this first hour we smoked a few bowls of herb. I felt as though my body was melting into itself. The music and Leary's suggestions brought me into an intense trance. I closed my eyes and began to meditate. I slowly felt as though I was becoming an orb of pure energy, losing all sense of my corporeal nature. I was then whisked on a journey through a vortex which sucked me back through time, stopping briefly in the 1700's then hurtling faster and faster until I came to the reign of the Egyptians. I saw the pyramids being built as though I was there in the desert. I was then lifted upward and came to be facing what seemed to be a spiral galaxy. I was taken through the galaxy to the center where there was a door. I went through the door and I was once again in a body, but one made of light. I was in a gigantic room that seemed like a bus terminal or train station. There were thousands of beings in the room. It seemed as though I was at the Nexus of the Universe. I was then drawn to a door in the room which I proceeded to enter. The room was a gigantic library with millions of books lining the walls. In the center of the room was an old man smoking a pipe and reading. He acknowledged my presence and then disappeared. He then reappeared behind me with a book in his hand. The book had my name on it. I proceeded to open the book. The book became a huge flash of light. In that instant I opened my eyes and realized I was in my friends room and that there were people there with me. I was totally unaware that they were there, yet the said they were there the whole time. This experience has totally changed my outlook on things. I feel that a part of me has been erased so that I could write in what was missing.

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