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My god this is wierd

So my friends and i bought 12.

So my friends and i bought 12.5 grams of shrooms off a guy and we gathered at one of our houses. We excitedly opened the bad and divided the dried fungus into equal portions and each donated some to another friend.We each had just under 3 grams and he had just over 1. We ate them quikly and dispersed to await our adventure. About 30 minutes in some small effects hit me, i was trying to concentrate on a book and it was giving me a headache, my buddies and i all had these feelings to we once again gathered to enjoy. We sat on the couch and observed our surroundings, then we noticed the stucco ceiling swirling slowly around like water and it got stronger as time passed. We then decided to go outside and lay on the grass. We gazed at the sky and clouds and suddnly they all grouped in an octagonal formation and i could see 3d faces in them, we all discussed out sightings and then ALL noticed the clouds turning holographic. Me and two other buds then explored a townhouse construction site where we ran down the hallways into the light. We went back to the house and chlled in the basement. This was where our minds kicked in and we all found ourselves lively discussing our philosophies of life. I burst into a satasfying laughing fir and we all shared jokes. I then ate another almost gram that my friend decided not to eat and gave to me. Me and one friend ran into the laundry room and tried to write a story but i couldn't stay; i got this really bored/uncomfortable feeling in me and went to lie on the bed. This was where my mind went on the tip of being almost out of control, I felt like i wanted "out" of the trip and feared that i would last forever. i then laid on a bed and just listened to them talk and it helped a lot. Time went by normally as i lay there. I gazed up and saw my vision swirling off in kolidoscope fasion, when i closed my eyes this kolidoscope went into colour. I soon had to empty my bladder and I marched off into the bathroom questioning reality. I saw myself in the mirror and didn't think much of it. I laid back down on the bed and things got stronger, the swirly vision was there very strong. I felt as though i died and i was just a particle in the air observing everything. Mybody melted into the soft matress. Within 3 hours the effects weared off and my friends walked home. My opinions of the event are varied because of the discomfort and almost losing it feeling in the middle. It was stilol fun though.

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