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My Fun At School

It was Friday, day of the weed smokers.

It was Friday, day of the weed smokers. But I wanted to do something different. I had done shrooms before from 1 - 7 grams. But this time, I was at school. I bought a half and split it with my buddy. I got 2 grams and he got 1.5. I didn't know the shrooms were so good until I was sitting in class, and the teacher, who looks a bit like a goat, started turning more and more like a goat.
This is when I started freaking. I though I was gonna be busted because I thought my teacher noticed me starting right at him, eyes wide open, but silent. I started looking at the chalk board and it started moving, moving fast. It went in and out of the wall then started roatating. I had to keep reminding myself to move or it would look like I was dead, but then, reality left me. All I can remeber after that is my buddy Matt (who is not a stoner or has he ever had the thought that I am) started talking to me. I realized I was sweating heavily, but no one was looking at me funny or anything. So I figured I just sat there and tripped out.
A must try.


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