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My friend the DEVIL

Well I was seventeen the 1st semester exams had just finished.

Well I was seventeen the 1st semester exams had just finished. My parents had gone away so I invited a few mates over. My best freind and I had organised a few microdots for the weekend. We sat in my room and tried to cut them in half so we could have half on the friday and half on saturday. We were told they were pretty fucken good. Anyway we could cut them to we just popped the whole thing into our mouths at about 4.30 on the friday afternoon. We talked for a while waiting for a couple of friend to show up. One friend came over we talked for a while. I started to feel shit happening with my mind. Like I acessed the part of my brain thats sends you into a mood of uncontrollable happyness. Walking around my house I had always lived in felt like a new world. At 6.00 a good friend came around and laid a good ounce of great bud. We were packing the biggest cones and passed the bong around about seven times.

I felt so happy.

The phone rang and it was another mate I haven't seen for a while. I answered it and couldn't talk so I gave the phone to my tripping friend who sounded very insane. He talked for about an hour to him. One friend put the funniest episode of ren and stimpy on, it was so great. I was sitting in the couch floating two feet above the floor and stimpy was talking to me while convulsions were going thorugh my body.

Stimpy told me who I really was. I was going insane at about this time. I was now not in the living room. But in my own world with the walls round like I was in a Bubble with spinning patterns words that I could not read messages with meanings further away from my naturally spoken language. I looked down at my legs why were they changing coulour? I saw homer simpson on TV he was saying some funny shit and had a funny girlish laugh. I laughed so hard.

I got up and walked around and I walked past a big red guy who had the face of a goat big horns fucking tough guy.

I turned around and he looked at me he didnt say a word.

I said how it goin' man. No reply he followed me around. I turned around again, what the fuck. I opened the door and ran my tripping buddy came too. I said who was that. What?

I was out of breath so we walked. I was cold and wet and there was a fog so dense. Walked for ages and got lost in this new world we had dicovered. The peak of this micro dot lasted so long. It was about midnight now. We came across an ally way neither of us had seen before. It was dark and had a dark glow at the end. We wandered slowly and cautiously. Got about half way and stopped. We ran as fast as we could to the end and didnt stop. This was the fastest I run in my life. After a hell of a run we were home again. It was raining so were got a bit wet. My friend had his bass and amp and i had my guitar and we played the wierdest music spun out.

We jammed for half an hour then fell back on the floor

the lights were off and the rain hiting hard on the roof.

My mind was not working the thought's were amazing though and the roof was not keeping still. The walls changed so weirdly. I was thinking about the devil and voices inside my head were telling me about him the master of the dark world. This trip was still fucking peaking at 5.00 in the morning. My tripping buddy said get up man want a cone. Yeah why not. We sat at the table had so many cones I cannot remember. It was starting to get light outside and the trip was still going. My other passed out friends started to wake up and have breakfast cones. I had some more cones, and started to peak again. Even in the afternoon I was still halucinating. After I realised what I had gone through. Undescribable. To this day I have never understood just exactly what my experience meant to be but I know that I was sitting on the very edge of insanity.

Later i learned that three people had been to the sanitarium and were absolutly mad caused by microdots of the same batch. I have not been able to have another for a year and a half.

Until last night.

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