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Hmmm, dry shrooms

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I am putting this as a Level 2 trip but it may have only
been a Level one, not sure, either way it wasnt much.

Me and some friends were going to go camping and
just bring some weed, shrooms and beer, invite a few
chicks and have a good time. Well it didnt really work
out, but we still had the shrooms and weed. Then one
night I get a call to come to this kids house (Mike) and
to bring the shrooms. When I got there I would say
there were about 7 people sitting around drinking. Not a
party at all, just a chill spot. Mike and anouther kid, Dan
had already dosed, half an 1/8th each. Dan was feeling
it ( First time we did shrooms it really hit Dan and he
had a religiouse experience or something, he had his
own little occult going or something, it was creepy, after
the shrooms wore off he was cool though) and it didnt
look like he was going to flip again. I took out the
shrooms and my good friend Matt and anouther friend
Thomas split an 1/8th while I took a whole 1/8th hoping
to get some good visuals. Just so you know this would
be me, matts and dans second time, mikes 3rd or 4th
and thomas's 1st.

These things were fucking dust! The last time we did
shrooms they were dry but shit! Any ways Mike never
really feels it to much partly becuase he had like 4
beers and had eaten alot he thinks. We sat down with
the others and watched some TV, it was Bad Boys, the
action movie with will smith. It really sucked. I have ADD
and on got bored with that fast and went into the
computer room. Mike came in and turned on this visual
thing for me, you stare at it and then look away and
every thing looks trippy. It was cool but I wanted more
for my 20$ worth of shrooms. After an hour had passed
me and Matt agreed we had been ripped off big. Not to
say they werent working, Tom was having a great time
and said he could really feel them, Dan was just being
weird, I think it hit him hard again. Thomas was
laughing alot, some thing that I did my first time to, god
that was fun.

Matt, dan and tom were going to smoke a few bowls
out side in the park( just across the street) and I went
out side to to keep them company. Then I saw my car.
Its my parents car and really nice, the sounds system
bumps really good and I just had to recline the seat and
blast some MAC 10. If I was high I think I would have
stayed there all night but on shrooms I just have to
much energy. Even though I wasnt getting visuals my
mood was tru the fucking roof, I was having so much
fun. I just started the engine and drove off. I was getting
really into the music and having a great time. I was just
going in a short loop because I knew even though this
was fun the shrooms could still hit me and I didnt want
to have to have a long walk back to mikes if I felt I wasnt
safe to drive. Then on the way back I hit a road that has
a 20 mph speed limit and cops usually watch it. It was
sooo depresing, the music was still going but it felt like
the party was over so i just drove back to mikes. I got
out of the car as my friends were comming back from
the park. Tom told matt that I had speed off going really
fast and matt was feeding me shit about how dumb i
was. I knew this was comming even though when i left I
made sure I was going no more that 25, in fact I never
got past 30 the whole time, there was no need for

When we got back some peps had left and some new
ones had arrived. I snatched a seat on the couch and
saw that we were now watching soft porn. The title of
the movie was phantom love and it was pretty funny.
Matt reminded me of a half rack that was at my house
so me, him and Adam( he is a really cool guy but wont
do any thing and is kind of brainwashed, he is a
mormon) They were pretty uneasy about me driving but
I was more worried about letting them because of
insurance. I drove fine the whole way while doing the
beat for matt while he flowed, he really sucks. He got
the beer and we got back to mikes. Now every one
agreed we had been ripped off cuss driving fine while
one a 1/8th of shrooms just isnt right. I didnt drink a
whole lot but the mood was really relaxed. We just sat
around and made jokes about soft porn.

After the movie me, matt, dan, tom and mike went to
the park to smoke. I only took like 2 hits but weed
always hits me hard and fast. I react weird to weed and
cant even drive when im high. I let Adam drive and we
all went home. It was a really fun night but not worth

sorry for and sp and grammer errors. i must have
rambled but i am not going to read tru b4 i post

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