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My friend fought a cop

This story takes place on new years eve with my friends Ben, Joe, and Kev.

This story takes place on new years eve with my friends Ben, Joe, and Kev. My friends Kev and Joe had recently just done ecstasy but were pissed because they didn't feel anything. So they decided to take a trip to go get shrooms. It was me Joe, Ben, Kev, and my other friend TJ. When we got to the guy we bought 3/8ths. Just as the guy just got finished warning us NOT TO FACE THIS SHIT Ben had already done it. We all didn't think much of it. Kev and Joe split their eighth. Me and TJ had to save ours because TJ had to leave in an hour. We started driving home, I was afraid for my life because Joe was trying to get back before he started feeling it. Within fifteen minutes Ben was feeling it. He would look at my face and say it was evil. When we dropped TJ off home Ben had to get out and piss. So we waited in the car and five minutes later we got a phone call from Ben. He sounded scared he said he was lost and we had to come find him. He was only about twenty feet from the car. We got him in and brought him to Joe's house.
While at Joe's house Kev and Joe were just having fun listening to music or going on the computer. But Ben was just laying on the floor kicking his legs. He then said, "I'm cold." Kev agreed with him and Ben snapped screaming "no your not I'm cold you can't be!" Joe and Kev told him to calm down. Ben started asking "why am I sitting?" Kev simply responded "because your not standing." And Ben started freaking out just asking WHY, WHY, WHY....Ben started to scream and wouldn't stop. Then Joe's mom opened his door and asked them to keep it down. Ben snapped, "No you keep it down, you shut up." She was speechless. Joe tried to calm him down but Ben didn't even know his own name. Ben started getting violent. My friend Joe is a big guy and he is in the Marines while Ben is an average sized person. No matter what Joe did he couldn't stop Ben.
Then Joe's dad came up to his room and tried to calm Ben down. He said "My name is Mr. Casper I used to coach you in little league." Ben snapped screaming" NO YOU DIDN"T YOUR A LIAR." Joe's mom then called the cops. When he arrived Ben was still very violent. So he wrestled Ben down to the ground and hand cuffed him. As he was doing so Ben was sceaming,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU REETARD" He kept punching and kicking the cop. The cop asked Joe and Kev if they knew what he was on and that he wasn't going to charge him for it he just wanted to help him. Joe said that they were at a party and Ben said that he tried shrooms. Which was bullshit but it got the cop to know what Ben was on. So the ambulance arrived and they had to tie Ben down because he was really freaking out. So were Ben's parents. They gave Ben several detox shots, and they said that his heart rate was at 200 beats per minute. So Ben went to the hospital and the cops had to be called there because supposedly he was freaking out there too.
Ben doesn't remember much of that night just bits and peices. He said he thought at one point that he was in Hell being tortutred. Needless to say the doctors said Ben was lucky to be alive.

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