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My Fly Agaric Trip

I was walking through the countryside in Wiltshire, southwest England.

I was walking through the countryside in Wiltshire, southwest England. I made my way to a forest called West Woods. It was at this time that i decided to eat the first half of the mushrooms. They were oven baked dry, which apparently converts some of the poison (ibotenic acid) into the psychoactive (muscimol). I started with 12.5 grams or half an ounce. I knew where I was with this amount. I had never left reality or considered myself to feel trippy enough, so was disappointed. After an hour I took another 6 grams followed by 3 grams half an hour later and the remainder shortly afterwards to pace myself. At the very worst I wasn't expecting it to take me out of reality but then after an accumulated 3 hours as i walked out of the forest onto the hills the first sign that I was in for a mad time came when a corner of my vision 'peeled off' for a split second. When I climbed up onto high ground the effect hit big time. The view in front kept changing into another view every second or so. Imagine there are 5 of you walking randomly over open moorland and, like TV cameras you keep switching from one to another to another. I didn't know which me I was in. I was lost and could see the forest in the distance. I would walk to it only to find that it changed to another field, then something else and something else. Eventually I cottoned on to the fact that one of these realities could be focused on and if I tried to remember to walk to one of them (my short and longterm memories were compromised) I could aim for a fence and stop to see if I could touch and feel the fence physically. It worked and whilst I stopped, the reality angles stopped changing. I climbed over a few fences and even managed to phone my girlfriend twice from my mobile. I've no idea how I managed that because I was not in my head at the time! Later when I came down I had to phone her up to ask her if I phoned her because I couldn't remember. Apparently I wanted to phone everyone in the world and text her my dream! Anyway at some point I was sitting down by a fence and thought I'd lost my phone. I found it in another pocket and looked at the time. Time meant nothing but I had a feeling I had been in over a hundred places all at the same time. Later on i found myself waking up from a sleep. I may have had some out of body experience during this time, it's hard to tell, but I managed to recognise an electric fence and avoid it! When eventually reality slowly insinuated its way back I remembered that a man earlier had given me a DVD, but imagined that he didn't exist in this universe and that I received it interdimensionally! By the time I made it back to the country lane I was surprisingly able to not get run over by traffic and for the next hour I had motor neurone problems in my left hand but that faded. CONCLUSION: Fly Agarics are nothing like LSD or magic mushrooms, but I believe they take you to circuit 8 of Tim Leary's 8 circuits of the brain. Neuro Atomic Non-Local Quantum territory. For more info just Google Timothy Leary's 8 circuits. Very insightful. If you do 1 ounce of dried Fly Agarics bear in mind you have to have a strong mind and must be a serious shaman not a reckless drug user. It's very unpredictable and can be terrifying even though the trip itself insulates you from fear. It may be disappointingly weak or mindblowingly incomprihensibly insane. Most importantly, read up on them first. Never be complacent.

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