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My first Trip^_^

I was/am 17.

I was/am 17. I was in Portland, Oregon. I was at a friends and i just ate 4 grams of Qubenza/Qubenzies. After about a half in hour it gave me a body high. Then, I started to see more inhanced color and see peple as cartoon like figures! I was sitting down hanging out and I started to cry? I remember saying, "my tears taste good." This song There were so many posters on the wall. I saw ant crawling on me and i Had no thought in direction(like no trust). I never went outside, i should have! My heart was racing.As the night went bye i watched How High the movie and triped to the colors in my hair and drooling! I laughed the whole night thats what i did the mean time of my trip.

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