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My First Trip(Funny)

Hello, My Name is Matt.

Hello, My Name is Matt. I live in Easter Maryland, and I'm 17 years old. It was the first saturday of February 2000. I had never drank, smoked, or anything. Me and my friends (steve, and justin) decided we would trip this saturday night since my parents were away. 7:45 p.m. we went to this older guys house who we knew from school and bought a shit load of psilocybe mushrooms (about 32 grams) yes i know thats alot, but we all combined our money together and we also knew this guy cause he was dating a friend of mine so we got a good deal. we went back to our house turned on some led zeppelin live bbc sessions, and started to dose around 8:30 (this is my first time) same as the other 2 guys. I lay there on the couch, at around 9:25 it hit me like a ton of bricks, first thing i saw was flying fat penises (sorta like the bullet in the korn video) flying around the room, i busted out into tears for some reason, and ran to the stairs (even though it was only 16 stairs (it felt like i went up 900 flights of stairs) when i finally got to the top, i saw my mother in teh kitchen but she was a fat cow with like 900 noses on her forehead she was eating my dad at the kitchen table, so i opened the frigerator and grapped a glass jar of pickles that was moving in the jar and smashed it over the fat bitches head, she fell over and farted and then died. my dad was a pile of shit sitting in the half destroyed paper plate. i ran to my bedroom where then i saw my legs disapper and fly outta of the window and (they never came back) those fat penises were back i ran out of my room and tumbled down the stairs and ran out the front door to my drive way, from there i ran down the main highway for like 45 minutes and saw these fat scooba diving bicycle riding gnomes going down the street, ever time one passed me i jumped behind a bush or a tree i heard them say "yagga yagga yagga lucka" i responded back "get away you fat fuckers" from there i stopped running and hiding every 5 seconds and walked back to my house (where i left the front door open) i went back into the house and there i saw my dog (which must of weight 650 pounds) with no feet, screaming "i need to eat niggers" the dog starting rolling on the walls and going upside down with no feet and it had boiled eggs as eyes everytime i looked at the dog i saw i saw snot shooting out of its eyes. by this time it was 11:00 p.m. and i was still tripping hard. but this was when it got fun. i went to the basement and saw these fat terds dancing in a circle next to a camp fire saying that they will protect me they looked like mr.hankey is a nigger with no legs. i saw cactuses jumping off my roof and dogs morhphing out of my speaker system, and all this other weird visuals for the rest of the night it was slowly fading off

but i have to say that was a great first trip

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