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my first trip

My first trip was one to remember.

My first trip was one to remember.. it was me and my friend. i drank one cup of shroom tea. there was about 100 caps in this one gallon. at first it felt like i was starting to get drunk.
That quickly changed when the face of my friends face mutated talking to me. then he left me. i was all alone. the trees turned like a lava lamp and if you have been one inch frome a t.v. screen? the 3 colored little lines? thats what everything was made of, and i close my eyes only to be in another world. wispers off in a distance my shadow in the moonlite was not me it was somthing else, maybe a cartoon.
i found a tree that likes to talk, so i made a new friend. it was like living in alice and wonderland. the sinrise is like nothing i have ever looked at in my life colors that i never new existed. and all this to go into the house and see it had been about an hour or 2. like thay say time is almost still. Thoughts in my head fliped and turned as did the objects infront of me. i finaly realised somthing, only to change my mind over and over. and to do this for 4-6 hours is like 18 hours in mushroom time. even though you cant realy overdose on psilocybe muchrooms, to anyone who reads this dont go be stupid and eat a truck load. you can have a bad trip from haveing to many and hurt yourself. read up on the faq. its fun safe and one of a kind. ....

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