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My first lvl 5 - A moment of pure clearity within the chaos

*This is my 5th time on shrooms*9AM: Arrive @ friend's house , split up the merchendise and take our own bags in hand to go get the movie of choice , Ice Age *MISTAKE* I didn't weigh it.

*This is my 5th time on shrooms*

9AM: Arrive @ friend's house , split up the merchendise and take our own bags in hand to go get the movie of choice , Ice Age

*MISTAKE* I didn't weigh it. I wanted an 1/8th but looking back I had a solid quarter of an ounce , probably a little more (8 grams or so).

9:15AM: Can't wait till the trip back so the merchendise is ingested alone (sweet jesus it tastes bad)

10AM: Onset of effects , feeling heavy , not much to note - picked up Ice Age - feeling uncomfortable around so many people , start to head for home

11AM: The walk was pretty uneventful , feeling a strong body high and colors are becomming more vivid - my friend is startin to feel it more so

11:15AM: The "movie" starts (its actualy the 2nd disk with the special features on it...) we watch this retarded little chipmunk guy fall down the mountain for like half an hour and then watch all the special features and conclude the movie sucks ... i then found the movie disk lol , such a funny movie to watch under that stuff my god my sides ached so hard and my throat hurt from laughing so hard

12AM: It hits me HARD , the bricks in his fireplace start changing different colors in seaquence with the movie sound , same with the aztec/egyption enscriptions in his carpet (only i see them). The movie is startin to bug me more than anything now but the sound was amazing , all the funny sound effects. I walked into his bathroom and stared at the walls , the pattern moved and changed colors to the music , it looked like there was something behind the pattern that was visible at times .. hard to explain , my buddy could see it too , and then it started to ripple and move out at me almost like a 3d equilizer , really ****ed up. I go back to lay down and he sits in the lazy boy beside the couch and we stare at random objects around the room while listening to the movie in the backround.

1PM: Things turn bad , my trip gets way too strong for me to control , the couch seems to be swallowing me alive but it feels good for some reason. I don't notice my friend getting up and going into the computer room to listen to music and I'm left wondering what happened to him , I thought he ran outta the house and I started looking franticly for him. After I found him I started running around his house uncontrollably , things were moving at an incredible rate of speed and moving fast with it just seemed right. I took his hat off his head and ran with it , I had the sudden urge to open and close all the doors and cupboard's in the house so I went with it as he stared in utter confusion at what I could be doing , eventually I fell and landed again on the couch , from then on things get cloudy , I remember he asked me if I was alright and I told him I was fine and for him to leave me alone , he started to panic because I didn't look ok to him and that just threw me , I started walking around the house saying I want to go home repeatidly , but I couldn't find a way out , things were too f'd up. I tried to open the door but I couldn't figure out how to unlock it if my life had depended on it. He told me to sit and chill and I got mad at him and apparently I was ready to beat the **** out of him and I said I would if he didn't move (I don't remember much of that). I grabed my coat and walked out side in my socks (the ground was covered in snow) ... realizing this I walked back in , grabbed my shoes , put them on and threw my jecket on the ground (why? I don't know). He picks it up and says to come back in and I tell him to keep my f'in jecket and I start to run home.

The worst part was crossing the 4 lane highway ... when your time is that distorted cars moving at high speed don't go over too well. After that I ran the rest of the way home , I remember one old guy waved and shouted hello and I waved lol.

Unknown time: I got into my garage , took off my shoes and my pants fall off , I didn't seem to care much for them so I left them and walked inside in my boxers and hoodie (no ones home) . My dog greets me and I stumble around my house for god knows how long , I only remember little bits , my dog following me around (golden retriver) and licking my face and hands when I collapsed in the family room on the floor. Having something non-static around helped bring time back into focus a little , I drifted in and out on the carpet for I don't know how long.

I manage to get upstairs and onto my bed , I remember seeing 1:40 on the clock , hours seemed to have past but the clock reads 1:41 and stays for what seems like eternity which isn't good when you want this done with like yesterday. I thought I'd lost my mind forever and that it would never end , that I'd be locked away and become insain for the rest of my life. I feel myself leaving my body and that I've died , I float up above my body , thru my roof , thru the earth's atmosphere (yes I remember this) and then I zoomed so far back I could see galaxies (how this works I don't know). I then felt like I became apart of it (the universe) all at the same time , knowing all , seeing all , distant worlds and galaxies but all at the same time , but you don't really see , you just are and I can't explain more than that. I had breif moments falling back to earth and into my body and the first time this happend I paniced and didn't want to go back (it wasnt a very pleasnt experiance contrary to how it sounds) , I picked up the phone and started to dial 911 , I was terrified (I didn't know at the time how bad this could possibly be) LUCKILY I went for another ride before I finnished that little mistake and I dropped the phone , also preventing me from talking to my parents who said they called numarous times (good move me)

The feeling at that point is really undescribable , I've heard about "zooming" but I never thought it would be so intense. I had innermonologue arguments with myself along the way , there seemed to be 2 voices and at times there were 4 , all saying contradictory things about what was happening and I didn't know which one was me or if they all were me or anything.

I got up at about 2PM and it seemed like I was laying down for at least a whole day if not 2 , I went downstairs and I had this feeling like I was all alone in the world (literaly) and I was the last of the race. I stumbled around my house wondering what to do and days seemed to pass , I thought it was hopeless and I was going to die there all alone. I looked in the mirror and felt so incredibly lonely and I became lost in my own thoughts once again.

I don't know how I got there but I came to in my parents room on top of their bed , then was my fight for sanity , trying to bring myself back into our time and space (thats all I can describe it as). I drifted in and out (zooming) and eventualy came to again , it seemed like I was in the right place , I was settling back into my body little by little though if I moved to suddenly I would trip out again and leave my body. When I touched something I could use it but I couldnt actualy feel it being in my hand for a good 5 seconds (weirdest feeling ever) my movements were "lagging" behind what I was telling them to do for some time. My saviour was actualy tv , it brang time back into scope.

The doorbell rings. I couldn't decide if I should answer it or not , I didn't know if it was real or if I was still tripping.

Its my friend from earlier comming to see if im alive as my phones off the hook. He tells me I'm in huge crap and that he paniced and I feared the worst. Apparently he called my girlfriend and said I was trippin out and said I might hurt myself because that was his impression at his house (he made me show him my wrists) So she calls me and shes not happy ...

He lets me know I'm not wearing pants and we talk about nothing for a sec and then I tell him to go home.

I walk into the kitchen and I see every last cupboard door is open (at least 20) and the fridge and freezer are open as well. Though I don't remember why. I close them and find my pants later in the garage.

Overall I'd say it was neither good nor bad , at the time it was very frightening and confusing but looking back I feel much more enlightened in many aspects. It was like I met God and I learned all the answers to all the problems facing us , I saw the future , the past , everything at once , I had all the answers.

I can honestly say the experiance has changed the way I look at certain issues today , its put a lot of things in perspective for me and all in all I'm glad I went thru it to achieve the knowledge about myself that I now have. But if given the chance I would not opt to do 8g+ again , I'll stick to my usual 2.5 - 3.5g as it was a little too intense and mind blowing for me , I like being social on shrooms , losing myself and feeling so alone in the world wasn't what I wanted that day.

I figure everyone has to go over the edge once , I had my turn

And BTW for those who are wondering , me and my friend are cool , I appologised for how I acted and he understood , and I'm now engaged to my girlfriend of the time.

Remember , always respect the mushroom , I know I have new respect for it after that experiance.

Have a good one ! Keep on trippin !

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