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My First Level 5 Trip.

One night at my friend's house, he suprised me with a bag of shrooms.

One night at my friend's house, he suprised me with a bag of shrooms. I wasnt aware that he had them, thus I was completely not mentally prepared to trip. So, at first I told him that I wasn't sure if I wanted to, but after thinking about how long it had been since my last trip (which was almost a full year), I realized that I was definitely in need of a good trip. We smoked a bowl of weed right after we had eaten the shrooms. I would say about 3 or 4 dried grams a piece. We watched Mission Impossible after that, and during the movie, our first visuals started to begin. I noticed things breathing and the normal tracers. Excited from the realization of how soon we would be tripping, my friend and I decided to smoke another bowl. We walked into another room, and started to light the bowl. He hit it first and passed to me. I realized I was having a hard time moving and couldnt really get my arm up to grab it, but I didnt want to freak him out or anything bc it seemed as if his trip at the time was not being nearly as intense. I forced myself to get the bowl and I hit a few times. I soon surrendered because I couldnt "play it cool" any longer. I laid down on the couch, and my friend went and did his own thing. I spent the remainder of the night on the couch. Unable to move or speak. I did not have a bad trip, nor a good trip. Just a VERY intense trip. I couldnt explain much of what I felt or saw but at the zenith of the trip, I learned how to think of ideas without using language. I was able to think of deep thoughts without using any words in my head. I also experienced turbulance in the trip. My body would begin shaking, so I came to the conclusion that the God or entity that was possessing me at the time was uncomfortable with the position of my body. So I layed on my back and aligned myself to be symetric. Soon after I placed my hands in the praying position and above the chest chakra. I soon felt like my head, hands, and feet were completely liquid like and moving in and out of each other while i was made of complete positive energy. I then was able to see a switch board made of glass. It had millions of switches and gears on it. They would adjust themselves and the glass would glow a different color on every setting. Each color would represent an emotion and I was able to feel that emotion on the most pure level possible. I realized that my ego makes most of my choices in life and that it makes me want to conform into the system of "life". I felt like music wasn't good enough at the time. I didn't want to hear trippy music because it is man made and at the time, I felt truly divine. I was unable to hear the most obvious sounds bc my hearing was so sensitive that I could hear the molecules in the air stirring beside me instead of the music coming from the other room where my friend was apparently having a good trip himself. I then forced myself to think of evil and horrible things, almost going against the trip and the God that was in me. I was trying to make myself have a bad trip just to prove that my ego was lost and I wouldnt fight the trip under any circumstance. I guess I was trying to prove my will to the Being that was giving me these powers. I could see sounds and hear objects. I then saw a god or my true being completely lost of ego and body. It was designed with triangles and markings. Like a net of some sort. I then felt like my body was nothing in the universe bc of my house was a small place in my town and my town was a small place in my state and the state in the country and the earth is small in the galaxy and so on... but my being and soul was exactly the same size as the universe bc it is not physical. It is pure and informative. I soon came to myself and layed there for about 30 minutes to reflect and regather then got up to see what my friend was into, and then discussed his trip. Handling a level 5 trip is not for the weak minded or the unexperienced. It is hardwork and can be dangerous if fought by the scared people who use shrooms to have a "trippy" experience instead of a pure spiritual journey.

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