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my first death

well,if i ever thought that mushrooms were an alternative to' lsd,i was wrong.

well,if i ever thought that mushrooms were an alternative to' lsd,i was wrong. the natural aspect rockets beyond comprehension. it all started when i heard from the grapevine that the local dealer had his famous shrooms.one of my friends had a considerable amount of money, so i only had to provide a ride. upon puchasing the shrooms, i was given quite a generous amountof shrooms which i have neverseen a particular strain quite like to this day(which i split with my real friends later)but the dude who bought them was not very lucky he says they must have been poisonous, because he fukin FLIPPED out jesus! he kept hearing a girl choking to death and crying his name his little brothers face turned into a cornocopia of death.on his way to the emergency room,he tried to stab a cop with his belt buckle (dont ask i have no idea)to this day that guy was never the same AT ALL.but anyways after that ,knowing those shrooms were pretty dangerous, i called up three of my friends and told them to come over. we took about 3-5 grams apiece at about 8pm. then we proceded to the local school whic is deserted after dark. two of my friends went to go get ciggaretes, so me and my friend,jason went and fry bonded, i noticed a tree shadow growing to about 300 feet when jason alerted me that my other friends were back.since it was dark, we got on our bellies and pretended to be commandos, then when i looked at jason, he had fatiuges on and a gun and started yelling at me to flush them out.i looked down at my hands and saw blood growing in one hand , a gun in the other. "this is the shit" i thought to myself as i closed my eyes to recieve a beutifull feeling and visual that just makes me drool when i think of trying to describe it.multiple brain/soul orgasms.oh joy. anyway as i got up from my crawling position i saw virtual "shells" burst into the ground and created swelling vortexes. as i ran up on my enemies. i blinked i was sitting on the ground,looked over at jason he looked at me in a way that you know your in a different world. "holy motherfuking shit in a monkeys apartment"i still remember saying. an eternity of other life just went through me in one second! i knew this because my friends we were sneaking up on were at the same point walking. i made some kind of funnky bird noise to freak them out, the did oh yea.as we ran up to scare them we only met the same look on our faces. we all screamed in some sort of beutifull agony in unison,man that was some good shit!then we laid on the grass and stared up in the sky i lead the visual entertainment by describing what i saw and letting their mind into my trip."oh god" i thought as the sky turned into water and the stars into hanging jelly fish tentacles. i was under water. i swan hundereds of feet up into the "sky"until i returned back to my body. lokked at my watch. 11 only three hours! shit im fucked! i went as far as i would like to,so i said my goodbyes and retuned home . i cant remember what happened when i got home , but i barely remember putting together a grateful dead 100 peice puzzle of "eye of the world" it was such a fitting picture for my newly found omnipotence. the next day was just a perverbial blink of reality. i saw my friend who bought and freaked out on the mushrooms and to this day he is a straight edge and a born again christian.

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