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my first


well...most people who takes trip started with e.z drugs before and then moved to mushrooms after few years or some time.

i didnt....my first expereince with any drug was mushroom..

it was on the summer holiday.
after finishing a hard year in school( but i got good grades) i decided that i will go to the kibuts where my grandmother lives (in israel ).
i like going to the kibuts because in there i have my only friend who likes tranc music.
his name is yaniv and he allready tried drugs...i dont know if shrooms.
anyway..in the first day i arrived there i went to his house
and he told me to wait for him in his room.

when i came into his room...i saw a nice small pack of shrooms..yellow ones i think....... on his desk.
he came in and asked me if i want to try something spiecel..
i agreed.
he took out a cd and played it on...it was the best trance band ever: HALLUCINOGEN(nice name).
he gave me about five shrooms and told me what to do...i used them...and waited...he told me to relax and wait for "things" to happen..

i thought to myself..."fuck...im 16 years old...man i hope i didnt took to much..it happendso fucking fast!!!! what the fuck does he mean by : wait for "thingS"?????"

any way for about 30 min...nothing happend..so i took the cd and started to read the informtion in it...for fun.
yaniv was smilling to him self...listening to the music...wating..
i was nervous like hell.
after about 45 min from the time i took it..it started..
i was reading the info on the cd when the hallucintions came first...the letters on the album started to move..they just wen alive...i was i shock...i didnt fell high..i was totally in reality...yaniv saw me and strted laughing..
i looked back on the album and i saw that the letters changed all the words into allmost all the trance band i knew...some of them i forgated a long time ago..
i still didnt feel high..
i went to his bed to sit...and when i touched the bad what ever i saw becam black....totally black...i saw nothing, heared nothing, felt nothing.....nothing.
and then i became high...(YEAH!!!!!!!!).
i felt fantastically good..i saw black...but i felt good.
and then in the weirdest way..the sound of trance that i heared before i went blank.came into life in hallucinations.....the sound went inside me and out..so fucking great i actually could see the sound go around me and chanage into psychedelic shapes...it was heavenly....for about 30 min i had this hallucinations around me from the trance..until it stoped..
i fell down...fell and fell so much i bacame sick..
in the way i fell down i started hearing yaniv laughing and screeming in the same time...i think he was allsow in hallucinations..i hoped to see him...i my trip so he will relax me..
i wanted the trance back...i wated it sow much...so i will stop falling...
and then i just fell down on the out side of yanivs front yard...out of the trip back to reality..totally shoked.
i looked up to yanivs window and sow him staring at me in the most fearest face i saw..i screamed like hell.
and then i started to shake like hell..or that the ground shaked ...i saw a bright light coming in...and then i saw yanivs face agian but smiling and i realized that it was morning agian.
it was over..

i dont know if ill try again

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