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My epic journey to antartica and all around

To start off, I planned my weekend around tripping on mushrooms today because it was a good time to do it, parents at work, and last day of summer.

To start off, I planned my weekend around tripping on mushrooms today because it was a good time to do it, parents at work, and last day of summer. Therefore I tried to not smoke much on the weekend and then go to bed early last night. I woke up this morning feeling alive and having much anticipation for the day to come. I played some games and waited for my friend to come over because he was going to do them too. So he comes over, we devide out our sack of shrooms, and begin the eating. We ate them for fullest effect, I ate about 4 large inch long caps, and then I ate these crazy purple small ones, and then all these other little peices and stems and shit. And each one I'd eat I'd hold between my gums for 10 mins then swallow whole. To maximizes visuals and whatnot, I didn't eat any breakfast and I drank a redbull because it has b12 and vitamin c in it which will make visuals better. After eating them I went up to the local starbucks and sat there with my friend as we waited for them to kick in. I felt quite nauses and had a stomach ache, but I kept hold of myself. I was sitting outside at the tables, and then once they started kicking in, first thing was crazy deformations of the cement sidewalk. The sidewalk started bending and then sizzling up, and I began to see all these cartoon drawings of these mushroom people who were going crazy. I felt really happy and weak in the knees. My friend and I had bummed some smokes off of people before it kicked in that we planned on smoking once we were going. So an hours or so after it was going my friend came up and hung with us, and we then contemplated smoking the cigarette. After coming to the conclusion that starbucks was not the place to smoke, we had our friend drive us to this swamp, were we planned on smoking in our treehouse. Somehow though we get there, and venture inwards, and I start going out of my mind and hearing all sorts of things. My sober friend wasn't helping either, he had a bad day at work and seemed angry. But I was happy all around, and felt very outgoing and couragous.

Part II: To the pond, Antartica, and back
When we first arrived at our treehouse, I was the first to climb, my sober friend second, but as I was just sitting there trying to stand in my mind, it somehow takes my friend a good 30 mins to climb up the tree. He starts going on on some nonsense of how we all our on different ventures and whatnot, which I pay no attention too. However, once in the tree, we did not smoke the cigarettes, in fact we forgot why we had came there, at this point I began tripping out hardcore. This bee came and upset us all, so they climbed down the tree, I decided however that going down was not the answer, so I climbed way up in the tree, where I suddenly felt very high up. I looked outward and it was a cold day, and the clouds were gray and the world resembled antartica. I being the inquistive little being that I was came upon it as a journey, an adventure if you may. So I climbed down the tree, my friends had dissappeared, and I started walking on this path, were I felt as if I was stepping out of it. I was in a dream, a peaceful dream, everything was white and glowing, and I heard all these glorious sounds around me, that would echo in tunnel hearing if I may say. I was an odd moment indeed. Somehow I met back with my friends who told me some kids were throwing apples at them. I thought I knew everything at this point, and when they went to show me the kids throwing apples, it was some cracked out old lady. I just ignored it. We headed back up to starbucks, were I felt like superman, and was just on a adventure. I went up to lots of random people and trying having conversations with them about random topics, it was quite fun. I then began to realize the meaning of life, and I could become one with everyone, I felt like I could bond with the whole world. I even talked to some guy in a chicken costume. I eventually became bored with this fake plastic, synthesized world, so I hiked away to this hill, were I looked out on the valley and saw it for what it was. I watched people living life, and I felt sad by how routine people make their lives out to be, and how fake our economy is, all the buying and selling. So as I became bored with completly understanding human life, I zoned off, out of my body, and saw and heard earth as this great metal sphere. and I took off from it and made a great voyage around the universe. This lead up till were I was peaking. At my peak I found myself feely very insanly good, and laying in the grass on the streetcorner. I just looked at the clouds as they bent around and became hexagons. And everything was shooting at me like 3d like. I felt almost like a happy little 7 yr old child. Some hot girl called me, and I talked to her, and had a really good conversation with her, which made me content, I really just wanted to reach out and add some entertainment to other peoples lives. When I came back to senses and met up with my friend. We both still had our cigarettes and realized our whole mission had revolved around smoking them, but we never did. They had become like little pets to us, mine was tomas, his was ted. They were cute and had feelings of their own. I smoked mine, and got no niccotine buzz whatsoever, but the smoke felt weird, and would puff out in cool cartoon characters. My friend hadn't smoked his, he was too attached, but then my angry friend who was against smoking, destroyed his smoke, I couldn't belive it, I was so pissed off at my friend, why was he being such a bastard. I couldn't take him, so I decided to leave him, I started randomly walking away in my dreamlike ways. I then started coming down a bit and met some more friends at the pond. We all then smoke some maryjane, and it hit me intense. Most crazy high ever. I felt like a director commenting on my movie, and it was all really happening though.

They decided they wanted to goto the skatepark stoned, I figured hey why not. I show up there, to all these insane skater kids, some stoned, others tripping like me. I sat in the corner and watched all this insane shit happen. My friend was playing the guitar while I just vegged out. He then left, gave me the guitar, and told me to play it. I can't play guitar, but I took his advice and decided to play it. Somehow I knew how to play, and in my opinion I think I sounded pretty good. I could feel and see the strings as they vibrated, and I watched the sun set. We then hiked down into this gloamy grey forrest. As if everything there was dead, I saw everything in grayscale. They wanted to smoke some more dope, I honestly didn't like tripping and being high at same time, so I didn't smoke. Things worked themselfs down and I eventually came back to reality, which took a good hour to get used to. Now I'm home, just chilling, and trying to grasp this whole experience I've had.

All in all, this was my most insane trip ever, and I plan on doing it again some weekend. There is so much stuff going on in my brain, it's quite amazing.

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