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HI my name is shaun im 18 and ive done shrooms about 8 times.

HI my name is shaun im 18 and ive done shrooms about 8 times. I was with my friend jake and we decided to do shrooms, so we called up my shroom dealer and i bought about 3 8ths of blue vain with liberty caps. Me and jake went back to the house and got prepared for are trip, we knew it was going to be a great one because when we do shrooms we do about half 8th this this time we were going to do 8th and 1/2. I forgot to say my dad had died about a month earlyer and i was still hurt and sad, everone knows not to do shrooms when you are sad because it messes with your shroom but i did it any way.

well it was about 11:30 at night and we started taking the shrooms,they tasted like shit like they always do, we ate them all and sat back in the chair and wated for the trip. After about 25-35 mins the shrooms took efect and we started see ing colers and shapes, things started moving the walls did to like they were breathing or like there were millions of aints crawling on the wall. For some reason we both started getting realy papiniod and freaked out.I started getting cold and sick, i started yawning and my eyes would tear up, i felt realy tierd, so i talking him into goging to sleep, BAD MOVE!!!!

We went into my room i got onto my bed, and he layed on the floor in a sleeping bag, we started triping realy bad then every thing seemed to melt and get big ,we could not talk one would talk and the other would just start laughing for know reason, we didnt evon know what we were saying. i said im going to sleep, i turned off the light and layed in my bed, THAT WAS THE MOST SCAREST THING I HAVE EVER BEEN THROUGH!!!! I felt as if i was in hell i could hear screaming and yealling as if peaple were be'ing killed. When my eyes started to adjust to the dark i looked at the wall and it seem like there were people coming out of the wall molded into the wall, It was wierd it was every friend i knew saying to my ITS NOT REAL SHAUN in a very scarey tone. i started to get tears it was so horrifing. I jumped up and turned on the light and i looked down where my friend jake was he was under the covers shaking it seemed like ,he would not respond to me talking to him, then all of a suddend he poped up and started screaming and it was not jake his face started molding into wierd figure he had one eye, i started screaming, then he went back down heela fast and under the covers , he took the covers off and it was just him, i was realy scared and confused. we both decided to watch tv it would bring us back to reality. It started off cool we were both laughing at the jokes of the tom green show, It was moving realy fast and they were spinning, i didnt understand butt it was funny. Then all of a sudden ,the screen fliped and tom green was in a bathroom cutting up lambs in a bath tub full of blood, the sight of that had made me sick and it brought the fear back, i ran outside and started throughing up i went back to normal after that for about 10 min mabie less things stoped moving and then graduly started back up again. my friend couldent handle it any more he called his girl friend to come get him and he left me all by my self!!!!. I started thinking about my dad and it got realy bad i could hear him somethime see him, i felt as if i was dieing. i told my self a nice shower would calm me down but the water welt like bugs, so i switched it to a bath . thats when i went insane chanting stuff i never heard befor like another launguage i started coming down aboout an hour after that and went to sleep. That was the most tearifing trip i had ever had, and it made me never want to do shrooms again, and i havent after 1 1/2 later, but to thoughs about to do it all i can say is have a clear head and think good.

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