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Hi mr. ceiling

Ok, I had just gotten a half ounce of shrooms.

Ok, I had just gotten a half ounce of shrooms. The guy we got them from said that they were really strong, so I ate about 2 grams and drank a glass of orange juice.

About 30 minutes later, I'm only feeling a slight head buzz... so I ate 2 more caps. 60 more minutes pass and i've only got a good body buzz going. So i'm thinking I got ripped off. Then I remember I have a bag of Salvia Divornium (sp?) -- Wanting to experiment with that stuff on shrooms was something I'd been planning on doing. Anyways, I packed a bongload of that and fired it up. Well that just totally set me off. About 10 seconds after I took my hoot (which was large) I just totally fell apart. I started hallucinating this river of toilet paper tubes flowing between my couch and futon. I had four arms on each side of my body and I couldnt close my mouth. Then I fell on my floor in a laughing fit. I was totally screwed for about 5 minutes straight. I looked up at my ceiling and it was breathing and so was my floor. My fan was moving up and down as though it was a top.

Anyways the trip was pretty great after I smoked that Salvia shit. I highly recommend it. I think that if I hadnt smoked that stuff, the shrooms woulda been bunk. Anyways, Ive got more of them and im gonna experiment again this coming weekend.


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