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My last experience with mushrooms was a dangerous one.

My last experience with mushrooms was a dangerous one. For years I had been enjoying mushrooms as often as I could get them. I thought they were the best things on earth, and I couldn't believe I had waited this long to experience them.

Then one evening as a friend and I each ate dried mushrooms the fun came to an abrupt halt. I soon realized that I was getting too high, and started to panic. All of the sudden I was freaked out by everything, and nothing was even happening. I wasn't having any visions or voices; I was just petrified to move. I needed my friend to keep driving, stopping was bad for some reason. The music started to sound like screaming devils, so I turned it off. I was afraid of anyone looking at me. My friend stopped at the store to get something. I broke out in a sweat and quickly turned on the air conditioning on high. I was putting my face directly into the vent to cool down. Why was she taking so long? I really didn't feel good. When she returned she opened the door to a huge heat blast..I had thought it was A/C but it was actually the heat full blast! When we got back to her house, the real fun began.

I became very ill. I tried to vomit and couldn't. My heart was beating faster and faster and faster. I was very thirsty but couldn't drink cold water; it had to be WARM and it had to be through a straw. I started to feel extrememly cold. I was trembling and shivering. My friend put me in a chair with 3 duvets on me. I started to break out in a sweat but was still freezing. I became locked in one position. My jaw was clenched tightly and I felt like my teeth would shatter. I was completely froze in one position, extremely cold and panicked. I couldn't keep my mind on any subject for longer than 1 second. My brain had about 40 thoughts at the same time, and it was so busy it was beginning to forget to tell me to breathe! Every once in a while my body would take a huge gasp because I was gong long periods without a breath. I tried to concentrate on breathing, but I couldn't stay focused on anything. The TV was getting louder and louder. I thought the screen would burst.

Then the worst part of all came...my heart started galloping and I mean GALLOPING!! It was very irregular, beating extremely quickly and then dropping a couple of very slow long beats and then speeding again. It was doing this over and over, the whole time my body gasping for a breath that I wasn't getting. I was sure I was going to die, and I became very ashamed of myself. I wanted to call for help but I couldn't move. I just kept thinking OH MY GOD, this is my life, I'm going to die in this chair over a these stupid mushrooms. I apologized to God for being so stupid and promised if I came out alive I would never touch drugs again.

Needless to say I did finally come out of it but was experienceing flashbacks for several days. I really think my brain was damaged. Someone would ask me a question, and I tried to answer it and couldn't. I knew in my mind what I wanted to say, but couldn't speak. It was terrifying.

I'm not sure if they were bad mushrooms or poisonous or what but I really feel I came close to death that night, and I would never ever touch them or anything else again. I value my life too much now. If this story helps anyone to shy away from them, I am thankful. I used to love them too but this trip was definately the most terrifying and horrific thing I have ever been through.

If you have any questions, comments or information about my experience please email me at mm218@hotmail.com

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